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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger and me

Arnold, when he was concentrating in building his body muscles, had very big biceps. It is said that, when he picks up the telephone receiver in his right hand, it was very tough for him to keep the the receiver near the right ears. His biceps would be touching the fore arms and thus his hands couldn't reach the ears. Instead he used to keep the receiver near the left ears.

Interestingly, I also have a similar problem...

If it was telephone receiver for Arnold, its shoes' lace for me. Every time, when I sit in a chair and try to tie my shoes' lace, my tummy is bothering me a lot.

Great people face problems alike ;-)

Unfortunately, the same world that appreciated his biceps is laughing at my tummy - crazy world!!!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

uno de mis malas habit

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. and 10...

I m counting the marker pens on my desk.

In recent times I have developed this bad habit. Every time I go to any of my colleague's desk to discuss about something, I'll use their marker pens and when coming back, I somehow forget to return it to them.

I m not doing this intentionally, but somehow I am doing this regularly - or may be those marker pens are coming with me to my desk ;-)

PS: the title "uno de mis malas habit" means "0ne of my bad habits" in Spanish. Shouldn't be too honest right? ;-)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

competition boost Google's revenue...

I was searching for "99acres" in Google and their site www.99acres.com was listed first in the search result. In the same result page they also had an ad displayed at the top of the results (as main sponsor link). On the left side, other competitors' ads were displayed.

Google Trend shows, some considerable amount of people have searched for this keyword "99acres". I assume most of them would have searched for the real estate portal and not the mathematical calculation.

If Google charge 99acres based on the count of impressions, then by this time 99acres would have paid some considerable amount of money to Google. Suppose if the users had clicked on that Sponsored Link(which is actually the first link in that page), then they would have paid even more money.

Sad 99acres. Even after coming first in the search result, they are still paying Google to get their own visitors. If they don't bid the highest amount for this keyword, some of their competitor will do it and get listed first as sponsored link. Same applies to the keyword MagicBricks.

By the way is this legal to allow someone to bid on their competitor's brand/product name?? I don't think Google have any policies on this. Smart Guys!!

Well its because of these companies like 99acres and magicbricks, I am using many of Google Services - free of cost!!!

Thank You Guys!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Seth supporting click fraud???

Arguments aren't new in the online community. Then and now, they keep happening here and there. Interestingly this time its about the online marketing expert Seth Godin's blog post : "Ads are the new online tip jar"

"If every time you read a blog post or bit of online content you enjoyed you clicked on an ad to say thanks, the economics of the web would change immediately. You don't have to buy anything (though it's fine if you do). You just have to honor the writer by giving them a click."
Seth wouldn't have expected such response from his audience, when he posted that. Few called it plainly a stupid idea, few questioned if he was supporting click frauds, few said this will screw the advertisers and lot more.

It seems even his inbox was filled with such hot arguments, that he immediately came with a follow up post, and then had to update the same post with another apologize. He says though such visits (thanks giving clicks!!!) appear to have low conversion rate, it is possible to convert those visits into sales by proper designing of landing pages.

Mark Widawer has something interesting on this.

Always interesting to see such arguments.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

then pandi seemayilae....

When the first person asked that question - I had funny reply, which I too enjoyed.

when the second person asked the same question - I had the same reply, but the fun was missing.

Then, when few more asked the same question - the reply shrinked and in some point I only had a simple smile as the reply.

and when another few more people asked the same question - frustration was added to my eyes with that smile.

I know there are more people to ask the same question and I don't know how I would react to them..

image from flickr

I can understand there is no point in getting angry on them. None of them is actually intended to hurt me. Bug what seems just ONE to many people is actually MANY to me.

Though the day is spoiled (that too a friday!!!), its a good experience for the day. Need to keep moving, taking life the way it comes. Well that is the best part of life.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yesterday there were about 500+ visitors to my blog!!!

Reason is very simple - GMail went out of service, yesterday!!!

Long Long ago, very long ago, I had some problem accessing the GMail and I put a post about that. I didn't write anything informative in that blog - but somehow that post comes in the first page of Google Search, when searched with the Gmail Error Code.

So thats the reason there were so many visitors. Among them one visitor put an interesting comment. He said "my business is down for hours because of you..."

Mee!!! I think he was addressing the GMail team!!! and later when the problem was solved, he put another comment thanking for solving the problem.

Here comes the most interesting part. The ads in my blog, which normally make 100$ in twoooooooooo years time, have made the 10 days revenue(!!!) in one single night [:)]

So from next time onwards, if the GMail goes down, I'll be more happy!!!

GMail Team seemed to have solved the problem. Here is their update on this problem.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

INBOX 1305

Another person from the Mr. M.Karunanidhi's family gets into the media. This time its not the Cinema or the Politics - its Print Media. Mrs. Krithika Udhayanidhi, daugher-in-law of Mr. M.K.Stalin, have started an english monthly magazine, exclusively about Chennai and its life Style.

The magazine is interestingly named as INBOX 1305 - 13' 05" is the latitude of Chennai on the globe. The first issue is published this month - i,e. when the city celebrates it's birthday (The Madras day comes on 22 August 2008)

Magazine is little smaller than the tabloids and slightly bigger than the A4 size. Cost : Rs. 25/-

The best of this issue is the cover story talk with Kamal Hasan. He talks about his life in Chennai, his concept of God and lot more. There is a wonderful photo of him with his old Bullet bike. As this magazine is from the MK Family, I think there are more such interesting popular celebrities in the queue.

There are also few other good articles (one article about Interior Decoration on how a 350 sq.ft room is designed like a studio apartmens was impressive)

If they continue with the same good quality papers/print for all pages and the advertisement pages don't increase, then Inbox 1305 could be a good monthly for the Chennaites.

In the last few weeks, few people had called my asking for the contact details about this magazine - Inbox - 1305. Given below is the address published in one of their editions:

Marketing Office:
170, Indira Gardens,
Peters Road, Royapettah,
Chennai - 600 014.

Registered Office:
Old No. - 106. New No. - 5
Rani Street,
Dr. Seethapathy Nagar,
Velacherry, Chennai - 600 042.

E Mail : inbox1305@gmail.com
Mobile : 97909 88815

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I remember reading in some interview of the Director P.Vasu, before the shooting of Kuselan started, that the movie would remind the audience about their old friends.

... but to me, when seeing this movie, it actually reminded about the curses given by others to me!!!

They should have followed the original script, even if the movie had failed at the box office, at least the critics would have appreciated the efforts.

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