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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MS Dhoni from Chennai....

MS Dhoni and a little Rajini like voice. Another interesting thing for IPL
I m enjoying this [:)]

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Little Earth @ Ooty

UPATE: Finally, I visited this resort. Read my recent post about this Destiny Farm Stay resort @ http://vettyofficer.blogspot.in/2012/07/trip-to-destiny-farm-stay-avalanche.html

Recently, one of my colleagues had a vacation at Ooty with his family. Back at office, after the trip, he is going Ga..Ga... about the place where they stayed.

They had stayed at The Destiny @ Avalanche - an holiday Resort run by The Little Earth Group.

Seeing the snaps, he had taken (he is not a professional photographer), that trip must have been awesome. Wonderful place on earth. Luxurious Interiors and a beautiful scenic location. Interesting holiday activities. The cost wasn't too high for this peak season.

It is not the regular place, that everyone go at Ooty. Next time, I know where to stay when holidaying at Ooty.

More details available @ The Little Earth website.

Other Holiday resorts run by this Group: The Sundance, The Sherlock and The Kings Cliff

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Friday, April 25, 2008

few IPL mokais...

# Seeing the first week response from the public, IPL appears to become a hit - earlier I thought who would sit and watch two regional teams playing. I think I was wrong.

# On the whole till today, foreign players have entertained more than our local heroes.

# Not sure what would happen when the Australia, New Zealand and West Indies players leave by the end of April - will surely affect many teams' performance.

# When these players leave , Delhi's daredevil's have a great chance of winning this tournament.

# It was really odd to see the Hyderabad crowd not clapping when Shewag hit a fifty and asked for it, but the Chennai crowd were screaming when Sachin was just shown for few seconds in the TV screen.

# Few of our responsible politicians are more concerned about the cheer girls in the game. Wow!!! what a topic to discuss in the parliament - when there are other useless problems like the Hogenekal issue, high inflation and lot more

# Hyderabad seems to have a good team (except the captain) for this form of the game, but still aren't getting things right on their way

# Sachin Tendulkar??? (10 years back on his birthday thala was rocking!!!)

# Afer the Mumbai Indians - Punjab Kings XI match, Bret Lee and Sreesanth were walking together back to the pavilion, then Prity Zinta hugs and congratulates Bret Lee for his wonderful performance in the match, few minutes later Sreesanth was in tears, Prity says something to Sankakara who then run to Sreesanth and whispers something in his hears.

and this morning, the TV news channels say - "Bajji slaps Sreesanth.... Yuvraj not happy.... blah.. blah.. blah"

Hey whats happening?? Game or a crappy Reality Show??

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vetty Q - 1

Attempting this for the first time. Hope to improve in future.
Will be open for one week. Comment with the maximum right answers will be the winner.


1. This animal can run, walk and even swim but cannot jump. Name this animal?

2. I m an actor and a fim producer. Name of my character in my first movie was "Billy". I was nominated thrice for the Academy Awards and have won three Golden Globe Awards. I was once ranked as the most powerful celebrity by a popular American publishing and media company. Who am I?

3. Which planet in Solar System is less dense than water?

4. Identify the celebrities in this photo:

5. Which one was invented first: the cigarette lighter or the match?

6. This business organization earlier had a long name. In order to minimize the cost and time in painting their trucks, planes, they chose a shorter version of their original name. Later this shorter version became popular and is their brand name now. What is the new name and the origina name?

7. Astronauts get taller when they go to space. True (or) False

8. On his debut, this bowler took two wickets in two balls.
On his hat trick ball, the batsman defends the ball, after touching the bat, the ball bounces and then touches the stumps, but the Bails did not fall and thus the bowler missed a hat trick. Who is this bowler?

9. Identify the brand for this logo:

10. She was born in Surat, brought up in Bombay, was first introduced in a Malayalam movie and now a popular actress in Tamil film industry.
Won Miss Surat in 1998 and was the Fourth runner-up in Femina Miss India 2001.
She is a promoter for GadgetGuru (though I m not sure about this)
She loves White and Black colors. White roses are her favorites.

Who is this actress?



1. Elephant
2. Tom Cruise
3. Saturn
4. Jothika and Surya
5. Cigarette Lighter
6. FedEx (Federal Express Corporation)
7. True
8. Chris Tremlett
9. Audi

WINNER : SUNIL (http://www.mavericktheboss.blogspot.com)

Congrats Nanba!!!! [:)]

last but not the least - Thanks to Google (for the questions!!!)


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pochae... Pochae...

First two men, with covered face, looked into it. and spoke to each other. Then one of them with his toolkit and came near that.

First something pricked over there...
then a hammer ...
then a cutting player...
then a small kadapara...
then again that cutting player...
finally one TOK sound.
Operation Success!!!

...and now I m one short of a normal human being.

Still feeling the numbness over there, so for the rest of the day:
Oru chinna Kuiiii.....
apram oru periya Kuii......

Friends, please take care of the teeth. No point in worrying after losing them