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Friday, May 23, 2008

friend's wedding @ Tirunelveli

Our friends group have one simple problem.

Every time when we go for a marriage, we will always be late and will miss the main events in the function. It might be due to teh logistics delay or climate or our laziness, we have been following this pattern for every marriage.

However, we will be there for the food at right time [:-)]

This time, it was a friend's marriage at Tirunelveli. Surprisingly we were there in the town at 6.00 am in the morning. To add to our surprise, we got ourselves ready to attend the marriage at right time.

We then hired an auto rickshaw to reach the Church. There were many people inside the Church, the marriage proceedings were going on. We didn't want to disturb them, so we decided to sit outside the Church and wait till those prayers were over.

After 20 minutes of unlimited fun, tease and all useless talks, we heard the voice of the bride speaking something in the mic from inside the Church. After hearing that in detail we found one thing - that wasn't our friend's voice. Only then we looked into the couple - it was not our friend's wedding. All this time we were attending the marriage of some other couple.

Then somehow we managed to find the correct place and by the time we reached there it was time for the food [:)]

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I really wanted to do something good.. right???

Today morning, after parking my bike at the parking I was walking towards the office entrance. On the way I saw two motorcycles, parked improperly and were occupying plenty of space.

Both these motorcycles were parked on their side stands and were parked slightly vertical to other vehicles. If those bikes were parked properly, another two more bikes could be parked in that same space.

I really don't know why that happened, some batshee from inside urged me to park those motorcycle properly and thus do a little good to the society

I had no problem in moving and parking the first bike. I was half happy then.

Then holding the handle of the second motorcycle and I tried moving it. Just when I pulled that bike backwards..


The handle grip was in my hands. The bike was at its original position. I really don't know if that was already broken or I broke that.

After all it was only the handle grip right? So I didn't want to give up my good work(!!!) I put the handle grip back in its position. Next time, I was holding the middle of the handle, placed my leg on the center stand and just when I tried pulling the bike


Oops this time the center stand was on the floor. Again I don't know if that was already broken or I broke it. I somehow managed to hang that stand in its position and escape.....

I know the owner should be searching for me now [:)]

Pillayar pidika Kurangai mudindha kadhai...


Monday, May 05, 2008

an IPL Story - Chennai Super Kings

It all started well - infact very well!!!

Four consecutive wins and topping the points table. Everyone was delighted.

Then enters, our brand ambassador, who invites the players to watch the preview show of his new movie - "Kuruvi"

Half way down the movie, 3 star players - Hayden, Hussey and Oram, unable to withstand the movie anymore run out of the cinema theatre and later, even out of the country.

Other players with no other options continue playing in the tournament.

Later, they lose the matches against Delhi DareDevils and Rajasthan Royals. Now the Lion is at the fourth postion in the points table and might slide down even further in future [:(]

Hmmm... who would have thought a bird can make such a drastic effect on the lion.

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