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Monday, April 02, 2012

"Operation Weight Loss" - March 2012

The quick update : by the end of February 2012 my weight was 89 kg and now I am 85 kg. So that is 4 kg for this month.

Happpyyyyy :)

Few random thoughts:
  • Somehow made the habit to walk 5-6 kms every morning.
  • Jogging / Running is not an easy task as of now. I get tired very soon doing these than walking.
  • I was climbing the 11 floors in the office by steps. Though I didn't experience any problems, few of my friends says I might get knee problem later if I continue doing this.
  • Couldn't resist to Non-Veg food items. The intake was more compared to the prvious month.
  • Failed again in the plan to workout in the office gym. Certainly this is not going to happen even this month.
  • Heard from a friend that Surya Namashkar and some other yogas are more efficient in buring more calories than walking. Need to find a good master, if possible.

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