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Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Weight Loss Tamasha - February 2012

During the end of January 2012, I went for a master health check-up at Appolo Hospitals in Chennai and the important advice was to reduce my body weight by 30 kgs in next one year.

Many times in the past, I did make few attempts to reduce my weight - but somehow that didn't last for a long time. But this time, since there were few other problems as well - I have decided to give my best to reduce the body weight.

Hence making an attempt to log my progress here :)

During that check-up my weight was 92 kgs.

Change in food :
  • Reduced the amount of rice intake. Earlier I used to (over) eat rice even for dinner. For the last one month normally I take rice only for lunch
  • Less friend items than before.
  • Non-veg food only once in a week. Earlier I used to take twice.
  • No pizzas, burgers this month :)

Physical activities :
  • in the morning I walked for about 1 hour (only in the last 10 days)
  • I take the steps for 11 floors once in the office (last one week)

and after one month, now my weight is about 89 kgs. Though the 3 kg loss is only a small number, I am really excited about it. Now I know, if I put in more efforts the result might be better.

Plans for next month : continue the physical activities without any break and if possible work-out more in the office gym.

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