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Thursday, October 28, 2010

about choosing the right programming language for a software startup...

"Which is the right programming language for a software startup???"

This is not a simple question to give the right answer in one word. The argument about choosing the right programming language for a software startup can go on for ever and ever, because every language will have its own advantages and disadvantages when compared with the other programming languages.

Here are some of my random thoughts about choosing a programming language for a software startup:

# Do not blindly follow the trend - i,e don't choose a programming language just because there are many software startups using that particular language. Though such languages are better options, there are lot more factors to make the final decision.

# Product Requirement is the king, hence choose a programming language that best suits and can easily accomplish your product's requirements.

# Check for the availability of frameworks and other useful libraries for your product requirement in the programming language you want to choose. Frameworks are very important for startups to keep up their pace.

# Give more preference to the programming language which the team members are familiar with - provided the programming language they knew, could easily accomplish your product requirement. Expertise in a programming language is always directly proportional to the productivity, which will surely be an added advantage for startups.

# Have an eye on the availability and cost of hiring a programmer in the language you choose.

# Don't worry about a tomorrow's problem. Do not avoid a language you already knew, just because it cannot scale for millions of users in the future. Providing quick deliveries are more important for software startups than to worry about problems that might arise in the future - hence choose a language which gives more productivity than something which will solve a future problem.

You pick up any programming language available today - I am sure there will be atleast one hugely successful company built in that technology.

# Mixing of 2 or more langugages is no more a rocket science, today. Google is doing this, Facebook is doing this and so even your startup can do this - when you feel only some other programming language could better handle a problem in your software.

# A startup is not about the language, it's all about the people. It is the Great Developers - not the programming languages - that build great software. Hence follow a agile and the best people-friendly methodologies for any language you choose.

# and finally, don't worry too much, just startup!!! - because this is what matters the most :-)

Please feel free to add your suggestions or feedback in the comments section

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Anonymous Cofounders Gyan said...

Quite a nice post, totally loved it. Guess it would be a good post to publish one on our site linking back to this article.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

@Cofounders Gyan.

thanks for the comment and I will be happy if you publish this in your site. thanks.

- Prathees R

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Max said...

"It is the Great Developers - not the programming languages"

Totally agree, which leads me to another point you make:

"Have an eye on the availability and cost of hiring a programmer in the language you choose."

That should be, "the availability and cost of hiring a GREAT programmer"

I've seen too many folks base language decisions based on the cost of finding and hiring a low-end commodity programmer. Catering to low-end commodity programmers is a mistake, often a very difficult and costly one to recover from.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Post Pratheesh, Thanks for sharing, Useful.
i have zero idea about software development

- Manoj Thansi

10:43 AM  

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