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Thursday, July 29, 2010

iPhone Code #3 : Hardware and Software Requirements

Here are the list of basic hardware and software requirements for developing an iPhone application:

1. A Mac Computer
This is the foremost requirement, because iPhone applications can be developed only in an Intel based Apple X OS computer. So you ll need a Mac Book or even a Mac Mini or any other Mac computer running the Leopard 10.5.4 or later version.

2. iPhone SDK
This is the software used to write, compile and run the iPhone applications. The iPhone SDK can be downloaded from the Apple's website after registering as a developer there. This software suite includes - the XCode IDE, the Interface Builder for iPhone , the iPhone Simulator and few more tools useful for the app development (More details about these software will be covered in forthcoming posts)

3. an iPhone
Well this is not a mandatory requirement - we can manage with the iPhone Simulator that comes as a part of the iPhone SDK. Anyways, having an iPhone (or even an iTouch) will be really useful to do some real case testing for the app (in slow network, etc)

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