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Saturday, July 10, 2010

iPhone Code #1: Hello (iPhone App Develpment) World!!!!

I am really happy the way, I have worked in the last 5+ years.

First for more than a year, I was coding in C/C++ and then for sometimes it was pure server side Java coding. Later for sometimes, I was putting my bugs in VBScripts and then it was again back to Java, but this time more focus was on the front-end involving JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, etc.

and here comes the next in this list - iPhone application development!!!

So for sometimes, its going to be ..... hmmm whats that, objective-c? Cocoa?? xCode??? Whatever it is, I hope to have a wonderful time putting bugs in that little gadget.

I will be posting my iPhone coding experience, things I find interesting, etc here @ iPhone Code

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