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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cars - the Top 5 close to my heart.....

Though I am not a perfect automobile fanatic, Cars have always been a fascinating thing to me, right from my childhood. Today, I was thinking about my favorite car models and here are the top 5 that immediately flashed inside my mind:

1. Maruti 800

Seeing Maruti 800 in this list might sound funny to few people, today. But to me cars meant Maruti 800s only during my school days. In the early 1990's only very few people in our town had cars and all of them were Maruti 800s. Then started my love for the Maruti cars - which is still the largest selling name plate in the Indian market.

At that age, All I wanted was to buy a Maruti 800 car, when I grow big. Something, that didn't happen till today :-(

2. Tata Indica

I started liking this car, when I first heard that all components for this Tata Indica were manufactured in India!!! I don't belong to the Swadesi group, but still I can't understand why this fact, made me like this car.

Moreover, personally I feel Tata Indica provides more interior space than any other hatchback cars available in India.

3. McLaren

The reason why I like this car, is indeed very funny to me. This is the car I liked the most in the computer game "Need for Speed"!!!!!

Even in that game, there were other cars with better performance(!!!) and designs, but still this was very close to my heart.

Hope I'll see at least one McLaren car in my lifetime.

4. Honda Civic

This is my latest crush. First time, I saw this gigantic car near a traffic signal in Chennai. It literally appeared like a ship to me then - I know this is too much - but thats what I felt then :-)

Later after reading/hearing more and more good things about this car, did increase my fascination about this model.

Hope I ll buy (or at least drive) an Honda Civic car in the future.

5. Toyota Fortuner

I like this car- just for one single reason - its Appearance!!!!

If the Honda Civic appeared like a ship to me, this SUV from Toyota, appears like a beast (especially a bison) to me. Once I had an opportunity to just sit in the driver seat of this Fortuner and phewww I have to agree this car is indeed a beast!!!

So whats the top 5 cars that come in your mind????

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