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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Search Engine for Indian Classifieds [SW Idea 3]

Problem :
a) There are nearly 100+ classified sites in India, a user has to search separately in each of these sites to find what he needs.
b) Many of these sites, don't remove the old items which also gets listed in the search results
c) Unfortunately, even the Google doesn't give the best results for this kind of search queries.

a) A search engine - exclusively for classified sites in India only.
b) Proper categorization of the classified ads and removal of old data at regular intervals
c) Simple and easy to use UI for search.
d) Additional Socializing features - like share with friends, etc.

Existing solution for this requirement:
I did some search - though very little one - and found only one site www.oodle.com doing something similar to this in US. I also found few articles about their controversies with the popular classified site craiglist, which means, more research needs to be done about this idea :)

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