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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sweet moments of life.....

He is the most silent member in his team. Talks only when there is a need for that and rest of the time concentrates in his work.

Couple of months back He and his wife were blessed with a little angel girl. Both the kid and and mother had to stay at their home town while he stays at Chennai - missing them a lot

One fine day with no much excitement on his face, he enters the office and comes to his cubicle.

BHOOOOM!!!!!!! - Suddenly unlimited excitement on his face...

A beautiful Red rose bouquet and small gift box were on the table. The little gift box said - "Happy Birthday Papa...".

Yes... it was his birthday then and that was a sweet gift from their little baby. Sooo sweet!!!!

image from : www.dollsofindia.com

Well I m not speaking about any cinema scene here. This happened in our office today - for Saravana Balaji.

For the whole day, I saw him reading that happy birthday message, several times. Every time when he did that a cute smile would fill his face. I have never seen him so excited like this , in the recent times.

What else can one ask for the birthday?

This might sound crazy for few... but only such crazy moments make life more enjoyable!!!!

Happy Birthday SARO...!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Penline Stationery: Strong tape

image from: www.adsoftheworld.com

Cool Ad. The makers have put the power of tape in a nice way.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Million Dollar Smile!!!!

This morning went to the Shell Gas Station (Assuming people from US might read my blog He..He..) on the Tambaram - Velacherry Road to fill some petrol for my bike.

I really like the way the poeple at Shell serve the customers - first they salute the customers, then politely fill the petrol and finally wishing us a happy journey. Moreover, to my knowledge, they are the only gas station in Chennai who provide bills for the amount paid/filled.

As usual the young man wished me and filled the tank for the amount, I had asked him. When I was about to leave, I told him that their service is very good.

I never thought such few words of appreciation would make him so excited. He said "Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you.." with a lovely cute smile on his face. I really dont know the english words to explain his smile.

No money could get such a sweet smile and excitement. This is what I feel is the Moment of Pride. He was so happy that his service had made a customer happy.

After all this is what most of us expect from our customer na..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Eureka...!!! Eureka...!!!

Hey WildLife Enthusiasts.... I have found something very very interesting today.

Unbeleivable yet very true!!!!!

"The Lions would feel sleepy if they eat ice-creams" (especially if after a n heavy meals for lunch)

Amazing na!!! Still not beleiving huh...

See I m already half sleeepinggggggggggggggggg.......

Image from : www.vetmed.wisc.edu

Thursday, March 08, 2007


"Waves are my inspiration. Not because they rise and fall, but because each time they fall, they rise again"
- Abdul Kalam.

How Inspirational na!!!

I really wonder how even little things in the Almighty's creation can be much inspirational to others..

Hope one day, the vetty officer will also be such one [;)]