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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nuch place to put the Advertisement

Got the below image as a forward from a friend. Look at the rounded area - SpiceJet's Advertisement targetting the people travelling by Train and that tooo placed at Indian Railway's Online Reservation site. There can be no other better place for this ad.

Hmm.. poor Railways!! I could only sympathize for them

**PS: Not sure if this some photoshop trick.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Related Communities in Orkut

Now-a-days, i spend a lot of time in Orkut. Though there are certain features that can be enhanced further, overall I really like the features available in Orkut. I m getting more emotional meeting my old friends through this service.

Another most interesting feature in Orkut to me is the algorithm they are using to find Related Communities. Say for example if I am in the Vairamuthu Fans community, the right side bottom frame shows the related communities like Vaali Fans, Illayaraja, etc. For a Sachin Community, the related communities frame has Dravid, Dhoni, etc. Why I am so excited is that, this is working perfectly even for communities that aren't related to any popular personalaties. Amazing!!!

The brain behind this algorithm deserves a Big Salute. Great work Team!!!

PS: Need to search and find how this is implemented. The Big G, please help !!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Orkut and Me....

Earlier I ve seen my brother Elango, working in Orkut - didn't have much interest in knowing whats it until Gomathi sent me an invitation to join the service, last week.

Wow!!! What an exciting service Orkut provides. Orkut is an social networking service run by Google. Orkut helps to make new friends and maintain existing users.

I m so excited to meet my friends, friends of friends' - who happens to be another friend of mine. Really Intersting. Now for the past few days, since registration, I have been able to orkut with 20+ friends. Hope to reach the half century sooooo....n.

Btw, Is Google collecting data about its users through this service???
I feel YES. I feel the Big G is planning somthing really big in personalized search integrating their search index and the data available in Orkut. Time will tell