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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Another interesting poster from the die-hard fans of tamil cinema. Accept this is a good creativity..... but still.... the money spend on these posters (and the Kodumbavi) can be used to provide atleast 2 idlees to poor children!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Muhurtha pudavai ready..... Mappillaiyum thaaan!!!!

RMKV Silks, Chennai has always been a pioneer in bringing in creative ideas into the textile industry and also marketing them in perfect ways. When other competitors were playing jingles about their Discount Sales (infact very nice jingles!!!), RMKV was stylish in promoting their products in different ways.

I think most of their attempts like World's Longest Saree, Cindrella Pattu Pavadai (Hmm cho cute!!! All dads wud love to buy this for their daughters), Silk Saree with 50K+ colors (this one looked like a lungi to me - heheheh), Silk Saree of any color of your choice, and blah... blah.. blah.. all had good responce from the public.

Now very recently they had launched a new type of saree called "Reversible Silk Saree" that has four colors. This time too Jothika looks ravishing in that saree and wait a second... the saree costs Rs 68K+ (appadiyov!!!). Hopefully, I guess cheaper version of this saree might arrive for the Diwali.

Whats more interesting for me here is the perfect timing of the ad that is being shown in TV channels. Just when Jothika comes as a bride and says "Muhurtha pudavai ready, mappillai????" with her cute expressions, you hear the news that "Actor Surya will marry Jo, the next month".

Really interesting na!!! This should have been a real sweet surprise for the RMKV team.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Something Something Unakum Enakum - Review

These days, only rarely we get to see sweet, bubbly, colorful movies. SSUE is one such sweet entertainment. The story is very very simple - a NRI boy visiting India, falling in love with a traditional Village girl, wins the hurdles in marrying her and finally Subham. Its the presentation that makes this movie different from others. No blood river... No Dumeeel, dumeeel... No one shouts at the bottom of their throat, thats a great treat to watch!!!

The highlight of the movie is Prabhu. Its real good decision by him to play roles that fits his age. Though he comes only in very few scenes, our "Enna Koduma Saravana" fame man has given his best in them. A Good actor should make the viewers feel the sadness when he cries and Prabhu does that so eazily. The way he cries with few drops of tears in his eyes and puts a cute smile on his lips is awesome.

"Jayam" Ravi has done justice to his role. Though the freaky character and that hairstyle didn't suit him that well, Ravi didn't miss to impress as the young man working hard to win his love. The scenes where he wins Trisha's love and in the second half when he gets into agriculture are good.

Trisha!!!! Hmmm.. she looks soooo pretty in this movie. Her performance is too equally good. Those sweet expressions that she makes in a song were so cuuuuuutttte. No wonder that Trisha became a sensation in Andhra after the success of the Telugu version of this movie. She looks damn good in half sarees.

The Director of the movie should be appreciated for making this movie a treat to watch. Though the film is a remake of telugu movies, the director has taken care to avoid the traces of a telugu film.

The importance given to even the simplest things on the screen is superb, especially that horse portrait in mud, the interiors at Richa's home, a special ostrich-like trouser that Ravi wears and lot more. Cameraman too has done his part to make the movie bubbly and colorful, however the music could have been little better.

Something Something Unakum Enakum - really brings something something bubbly and sweet in your heart. Overall a good movie to watch with your family and friends!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Completed!!! Lot more to go.....

Its two years now - since I joined my company. Days have really passed like seconds in these years. I personally believe, if time appear to be moving really fast, then it is the indication of living happily and enjoying every bit of life.

Very true!!! Last two years have been full of many sweet events.

"Loving friends" - always there to take part in my pains and pleasures. "Fantastic Team" - always there to lend a helping hand, tolerating my mistakes and appreciating the very little good things that I do. How Sweet na!!! what more can I ask for!!! I really enjoy being a part of this company.

I do have a satisfaction When I look at the way that I have come in the last two years. Now I feel more responsibilites within me - which also brightens the dreams in my eyes.

Yesss, still a looooongggg way to go....

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wonderful experience of growing old!!!!

Celebration started at midnight - telephone calls from dear and near wishing me a wonderful year ahead, sweet messages via SMS, email... Early morning prayer at Tambarm Vinayagar Koil, Wishes and lovely gifts from family n friends, Afternoon lunch with office friends, Evening cake (+ice cream) cutting with the team mates, late nite aratai with ma sweet sangama friends - wowww!!!! What a lovely b'day I had yesterday.

This is one of my most celebrated birthday moment in a long while. Thank you friends for the wonderful loads and loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wives @ Home - Priceless!!!

Here is another funny picture that I got as a mail forward.
I wonder is married life really so miserable!!!!

**PS: What could be the thoughts running in that man standing with his wife..