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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Two Completed!!! Lot more to go.....

Its two years now - since I joined my company. Days have really passed like seconds in these years. I personally believe, if time appear to be moving really fast, then it is the indication of living happily and enjoying every bit of life.

Very true!!! Last two years have been full of many sweet events.

"Loving friends" - always there to take part in my pains and pleasures. "Fantastic Team" - always there to lend a helping hand, tolerating my mistakes and appreciating the very little good things that I do. How Sweet na!!! what more can I ask for!!! I really enjoy being a part of this company.

I do have a satisfaction When I look at the way that I have come in the last two years. Now I feel more responsibilites within me - which also brightens the dreams in my eyes.

Yesss, still a looooongggg way to go....


Blogger Dheepa said...


Is "Girish" (ur TL i mean) readin this blog by any chance...?? Coz i see too much of Butterring and "ICE" here.... ;-)(wink)

Anyway...jus kidding.I know your company is a good one...taking into consideration that even shankar is working ther...:-)


6:25 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...


No. Girish and most in my team don't know that I have a blog.
They think I sincerely code in the office :-)

"... working ther...:-)"

You say WORKING!!!!
Onnum Komedeee Kimedeee panalayae????


10:34 PM  
Blogger Dheepa said...


Am this innocent girl that when this guy shankar says...he is "working" i Jus have to believe it...!


10:20 PM  

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