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Friday, December 23, 2005

Madras Music Season

Its the end of the year... Not only the climate is cool in Chennai also there is music everywhere in the air. Yes it time for the great Madras Music Festival. Probably this is the largest music event in the world. These concerts are a must visit pilgimage for music lovers, for artists this is a ambitious stage to perfom.

This December 2005, Vetty Officer too joins the celebrations. I've posted a list of few concerts for this season. Hope the information will be useful the music lovers. The information can be accessed by clicking the Link in the Light-Green box near the Google Search on the top of the main page or by clicking here...

Mana-sa..... Sancha-ra-rae.......


Anonymous sai sundar said...

Dear vetty
iam sai sundar if you are really interested in concerts please attend the wonderfull SOORYA FESTIVAL in Kerala


12:56 AM  
Anonymous sai sundar said...

pls visit my blog www.values.krify.com


12:58 AM  

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