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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Web OS

Wow.... the Vetty officer is back to his blog -- probably this could be the only blog where the owner himself visits the blogs only once in a month... hey believe me na.. i visit my blog atleast once in a month..

So what to blog now ?????

Read some mail forward about browser based OS. - seems to be a technology that many people are working on... who knows tomorrow the giants Ms, Google, Yahoo might come out with their own browser based os..

Want to share something interesting here.. one and half years back -- when I was in my college about to submit my Academic Project Topic , had a similar idea in my mind.

My idea for the project was like this --- Develope a Windows like GUI with html, java script that would run on a browser. I can work on documents, play games, write programs all through that web interface..... The memory and other resources of a PC will be available at the servers' site. So the user will be working on a virual computer through the browser...

Why a virtual computer -- when the user is already having a computer?????

Did I say that the browser runs on a computer... Here was my dream , create a small electronic device (something like a CPU) that can connect to i/p devices and TV is the o/p device. The only software in that device will be the browser that I mentioned earlier.. So the browser is the OS for that small device and through that browser i can connect to my Virtual OS provider and use my Virutal PC...

Great dream na... Dreams are just dreams for lazy idiots like me...


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