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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I remember reading this somewhere :
"Success isn't always the absense of Failures".

Very true.... and few more to add to that

"Failures are must for highly determined people. Only these failures can add momentum to our journey to success."

Aren't we that highly determined people???

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sorry.... Jodi No.1 Again!!!

In recent times, most visits to my blogs are through the search - Uma and Prithvi back in Jodi No.1. Well for all those friends, here is a brief update of what had happened in the Remix round.

Yes. Uma and Prithvi did dance in the Remix round. Snaps of this jodi performing in the Remix round were also published in that week's Kungumam magazine. Anyways, later this team was asked to go away from the competition (Simbu???), as they were already disqualified. (Tooo much!!!!!)

This was also shown as text message after that episode program (Many would have missed as this was put after the advertisement break at the end)

And I know the next search would be for "Will Uma and Prithvi be back in the Wild Card Round???"

Keep guessing....

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Get the URL First!!!

In this modern era, the first step to start a business would be to get your URL registered. If you don't do that, you might end up as another Airtel.

Open any browser and type in "www.airtel.com" in the URL field.

Surprised!!! Well its not the fault of the Browser.

Actually Vodafone had bought this URL from some Swedish company (they call this acquisition - a good business trick) and now anyone wanting to see the Airtel home page would be taken to its competitors home page.

... and I think, to avoid legal issues, cleverly they aren't showing the Indian Home page of Vodafone

AirTel, Vodafone, Airtel URL, Vodafone Home Page

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fun Time (in Tamil)

Got this as a mail forward from one of my friends.. posting it here for everyone to enjoy.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Jodi No.1 - Heavy dose emotional drama!!!

Some thoughts after watching the last episode of Jodi No.1 in Vijay TV:

Vijay TV :
You did the right things to raise the anxity in people mind about this verbal quarrel between one of the judges and Prithvi.

Prithvi :
You feelings are understandable. It would have better if you had stayed in the stage for just another 5 mins. - at least for the sad Uma!!!

Congrats Buddy, you have made into the top two (Hopefully) - When others did that with their dance, you did it with a microphone! Great Idea man!

Dear Simbu :
Its fine for everyone to express their thoughts. Nothing wrong in that... but I feel there are plenty of diplomatic ways to express that (Plz. remember you are JUDGE this time), why didn't you find any of them.

Yes Prithvi wasn't at his best yesterday, and You said, you didn't like that. You should have stopped with that. You were more focussed on talking about yourself as straight forward, blah, blah.. Being straight forward isn't purposely trying to hurt someone

You made the pair wait in the stage for no reasons at all, bullied Prithvi and thats the reason he had to break out about your footage. You asked for it and You got it!

I m sorry, I m also a bit... oops not just a bit... a lot.. STRAIGHT FORWARD!!!

.....and anyways, thanks for that emotional drama!!!

Update :
Video of this episode is available HERE ..... and it seems the Uma-Prithvi pair, is back in the competition.
I guess Simbu and Prithvi are going to walk together into the hall this time!!!

Vijay TV, Jodi No.1 Season 2, Simbu, Prithvi, Simbu Prithvi fight, Bubboo

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Velacherry : 2400 sq.ft costs Rs. 1.5 Crore only!!!!!

Heard from a friend, that Rane Madras Limited, Chennai is selling 35+ grounds (approx. 84k+ sq.ft.) of land in its manufacturing unit located at the Velacherry Main Road for Rs. 55+ Crores.

That means, one ground costs just Rs. 1.5 crore at Velacherry.

If scientists could study this behavior in Chennai Real Estate cost and apply the knowledge, then definitely our INSAT rockets would shoot up much more faster than now [:-)]

Another interesting news, after the news of this land deal, the the stock for Rane Madras Lts. rose almost by 15%. Strange Stock Market !!!!

image source: www.gomamatoday.com

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dasavadharam Photos

100 days completed for the Boss. Now its the turn for Kamal Hasan, one of the finest actors in the Indian Cinema.

The Dhasavadharam team had officially launched few snaps from the movie.

No Bush! No Sadam!! No Grandma!!! Kamal looks very normal in all the snaps!!! Some of the fake snaps that are available in the internet shows kamal in more interesting makeups. Hopefully Kamal Hasan must be having something in suspense.

These days I have stopped jollufying, so nothing about Asin and Malika [:-)]

More images available at the Behindwoods site.

Interestingly there is a small idol of some God, in most of the photos. Oru vela andha idol ah thaan Dhasavadharam nu solrangalo!!!

Dhasavadharam Photos, Dasavadaram Photos, Dasavadharam Photos, Dhasavadaram Photos, Kalam Hasan, KS Ravikumar, Asin, Malika Sharavat

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Why Bandhs????

Only very few vehicles on the road...
empty offices.....
even the medical shops being closed...

Its almost a virtual bandh today, in this part of the globe. Well as usual the people aren't doing this voluntarily.

One thing I m not able to understand.

When there are so many ways to show one's protest, why are these political parties using the strikes and bandhs to spoil the normal life.

For students and blue collar professionals, this is just another holiday (that too a 4 days pack!!!) The ones below the poverty line are the real sad people. They need to work for each day's bread.

Can some one tell me against whom is this bandh??