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Monday, October 08, 2007

Jodi No.1 - Heavy dose emotional drama!!!

Some thoughts after watching the last episode of Jodi No.1 in Vijay TV:

Vijay TV :
You did the right things to raise the anxity in people mind about this verbal quarrel between one of the judges and Prithvi.

Prithvi :
You feelings are understandable. It would have better if you had stayed in the stage for just another 5 mins. - at least for the sad Uma!!!

Congrats Buddy, you have made into the top two (Hopefully) - When others did that with their dance, you did it with a microphone! Great Idea man!

Dear Simbu :
Its fine for everyone to express their thoughts. Nothing wrong in that... but I feel there are plenty of diplomatic ways to express that (Plz. remember you are JUDGE this time), why didn't you find any of them.

Yes Prithvi wasn't at his best yesterday, and You said, you didn't like that. You should have stopped with that. You were more focussed on talking about yourself as straight forward, blah, blah.. Being straight forward isn't purposely trying to hurt someone

You made the pair wait in the stage for no reasons at all, bullied Prithvi and thats the reason he had to break out about your footage. You asked for it and You got it!

I m sorry, I m also a bit... oops not just a bit... a lot.. STRAIGHT FORWARD!!!

.....and anyways, thanks for that emotional drama!!!

Update :
Video of this episode is available HERE ..... and it seems the Uma-Prithvi pair, is back in the competition.
I guess Simbu and Prithvi are going to walk together into the hall this time!!!

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