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Saturday, September 22, 2007


"Ellamey.com" - If you are from Chennai, then at least once you would have noticed large banners of this site, somewhere in the city.

I just check this site today, and the first thought on my mind about the site is - Cool site!!!

This is a classified site exclusively for the Matrimony related services (currently for Chennai city only). Marriage Halls... to Wedding Contractors... to Catering Services... to Registrars... - You can find wide range of information on anything related to Matrimony. This service should be an added advantage for other Web Matrimony sites.

Such wide range of information and the simple (yet attractive) design are the plus to the site. Moreover the concept is really nice - focusing on a niche market and providing all possible information to it is too good.

Searched for their traffic information at Alexa and Wow.. They rank 2,67,104!!! They have done this just in two months time - thanks to their aggressive marketing.. The number can go high in future, when they expand the service to other cities in the state. (Other internet service companies focusing on Chennai: make a note of this traffic)

Currently, I guess there should have been a lot of manual work for data collection. If they would provide an option for user generated data, with moderation , the available information might extend to other cities as well. Adding other Web 2.0 functionalities, like discussions, ratings, Ajax, etc might provide them some added advantage.

About the business model, like many other startup sites, they don't expose the revenue channels as of now. Currently they have few advertisements published in the site. May be in future they add more revenue channels.

and Personally, I would like to congratulate them for the courage to spend money for the banners across the city. (and also to know how much was spent for that [:-)] )

PS: Heard from a friend, that these people are coming up with a Rental Site for Chennai! Cheers to Internet growth in Chennai!!!

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Anonymous hari said...

Hi,prathees did you booked any marriage hall for u..:) Nise link but
Useful for chennai ppl only

11:16 PM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...


Nope. Not yet [:-(]

... and I ll surely let you when that happens.

Hope they expand to other cities soon.

Vetty Officer...

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed a site hosuronline.com, its really cool

8:29 AM  

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