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Thursday, August 23, 2007

From Vetty Officer to Mobile Zone ;-)

For the past few weeks, I have been posting only on AirTel hello Tunes in my blog. These posts increased the traffic to my blogs and I too loved that. To be honest, I was really over-excited by this and thats the reason I put more and more posts on this topic.

All I understood from this is that there are many people searching for the Hello tunes code in the internet. For this one reason, I have started a new blog @ http://mophozone.blogspot.com

In addition to the usual Hello Tune code posts (the most easiest ones to me [:)] ), I would also like to write more about the mobile industry. Though I haven't planned anything completely now, just have put some random tabs, which flashed in my mind then, in the blog.

I know my laziness wouldn't allow me to do this, but anyways, I wanted to make an attempt. Hope this is going to more interesting and a new learning opportunity for the Vetty Officer..

Vetty Officer...

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