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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Orkut and Work...

Today when I was checking my e-mails, there was a message from Some X whom I never knew.This person X introdueced themselves as a recruitment agency and the mail was about few job openings at Bangalore. First I thought it was just another sort-of-spam-mail but only when I read the requirements for the job openings, I realised I was completely wrong.

The job openings were for people with few years of experience in a domain (to be more specific knowledge in a framework).Our current company had been working on this framework for more than a decade. Though I am no way associated with that domain/technology, (we do have a plenty of products/technologies) I was wondering how did these people target that mail to me.
That particular mail was sent from an Orkut account. So that gave me a clue how this would have happened.

That person X, somehow must have known that our company is working in that particular domain and when their Client asked for resources with experience in this particular technology, X had browsed through the profiles of all members in the orkut community for our company and only then had sent that mail to me (us!!!)

I really like the idea how they had found the target resources and have done this mail campaign. Very nice and effective idea to use Orkut for better produtivity in work.

Khooooool!!!! (chumma trying to imitate thalaivar [;)] )



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