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Friday, June 22, 2007

Small things aren't really SMALL

Are you are a programmer and having a similar thought as this, in your mind:

"I m not doing anything worth in the application. I m assigned tasks that are of less significance in the software"

If Yes, then I do have something to share with your friend.

There is nothing called as less/no significant feature in a software. Every bits and pieces contribute to the software. Things that appear to have lesser significance, will be of great use to the Users.

Think about the small Start button in the Windows. It realy appears to be very simple. Designing its color and layout would have been a simple task. But whats happening today?

This small button is one among the most widely used UI Components in the World Today!!!!

The same applies for that small text field in the Google Home Page. When designing, the code for this small text field would have been very simple, when compared with the complex search algorithm that was running at the background.

and today this simple text box is the window for all of us to search the Internet!!!

Another interesting fact in the software developement is, at times, the user satisfaciton is inversely propotional to the effort that was put for developement. This might sound funny but it is the truth.

You would have spent days and nights coding for a complex module. Then had done some very simple Ajaxified wrapper for that complex feature. But later, this simple wrapper would make make the software awesome to the user.

When a most important feature in the software fails for some unknown exception reason, a very simple informative error message to the user, can win his trust for your product.

Bits and pieces make a software. Only if these pieces are perfect, Great software can be made.

Then.... to be honest, I really don't know why am I writing this now - may be to pass away the lazy friday evening session.

why to worry when this small post could bring a great change in you!!! [;)]



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