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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life without a mobile phone!!!!

I have lost my mobile phone.

I had joined a swimming class for this summer and the day before yesterday (i,e. Monday) was my first day there. It was my mere stupidity to keep my mobile inside the bag and leave it in the dressing room. I should have kept it safely at the locker - first of all, I really cant understand why did I need a mobile at that early hours

It is a Toshiba 902T model (for Vodafone) which my brother had bought from Japan. I had to crack its software for the Indian GSM cards. Except this one, the phone had plenty of cool features - the 1.9 mega px Camera (I liked this the most) , a nice voice recorder , a big display and lot more...

Moreover I had all my friends' contact details stored in that.

I know the person who had stolen it, might not be able to use it further. This phone needs a peculiar pin for recharging and also it requires 110V current. I think he ll have to search a lot for such charger in the city - and for this one reason I m praying, he should replace the mobile in bag again [;-)]

Anyways, I had lost it. No point in worrying over that again and again.

Now, I dont have a mobile - really feel like one of my arms is broken. I really miss some sweet things that I had in my mobile.. but still there are plenty of good things happening too..

No SMS, when I m busy at the rest room...
No Calls from Home, asking to come home, while haning out with friends..
No status calls , when I m driving home...
and moreover... No worrying about if I might lose a mobile again [;-)]

So what Next?????

Time to joyfully sing Thalaivar's song:

"Ae.. Balle la ka... Balle la ka...
Koovum Cell phonein nacharipai anaithu
Konjam cell vandin ucharipai ketpom
Balle la ka... Balle la ka... "



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