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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Breakfast, Few Questions and some learnings...

Day : 26th February 2007 (Monday) Time : 9:30 am Venue : Velacherry

I was very hungry and rushed into a near by restaurant for breakfast. Just while entering into the hotel, saw a old friend of mine, waiting there with her spouse for their breakfast.

Few "Hai...."s and "Hello..."s

Few more "How's life???"and "Hows work???"

"So you haven't learnt cooking yet??", me to her.

"I didn't cook today, thats why we are here in hotel for food", the gentle man to me. Good sense of humour and moreover I liked the way they smiled at each other for this joke.

After some more blah... blah... blah... it was my turn to sit.

The seat opposite to them was free but suddenly this question raised in my mind - "Should I sit there and join them for breakfast or move to someother table???

I didn't want to disturb them and hence moved to another table.

Ordered my favourite masala dosai and while waiting for that another question started haunting me - "I thought sitting there would have been be a disturbance to their privacy but on the other hand won't this sound stubborn to them??? I m meeting them after a long period of time and that too for the first time after their marriage - shouldn't I joined them for breakfast and spoke for some more time???"

Then all of a sudden another very important question raised in my thought - "Why am I so much worried over little things like this??? Why should they worry about me when they have to rush to work after food. Moreover the Masal Dosai is ready and didn't I come here for that????"

A real valid question - atleast this time. I started finishing that dosa and order another set of idlys.

Well... thats it for the Story friends..!!! [;)]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive and forget...

That's the best way to live

8:16 PM  
Blogger Chandrasekaran said...

The only solution to this problem is to get married soon and move along with your spouse where ever you go. The opponent may not think bad if you chose not to disturb them.

10:36 PM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

Dear Guest:

Thanks for that phillosophy of Life!!!


Your advice doesn't seem to solve the problem but to get trapped into another bigger on [;)]

Vetty Officer

7:26 AM  

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