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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Vote for Taj Mahal..." says AR Rehman

There is a poll is being conducted to select the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Very recently there was also a mail campaign, saying Taj Mahal is lagging far behind in the poll and asked all the Patriotic Indians to cast their votes . One can cast the vote through Internet, SMS/phone calls to special numbers, and few more options. Almost all biggies in the media world played their part to spread the news!!!

I slightly have a feeling that this poll is being done for some commercial purpose. Definitely its a good traffic puller for the web-sites. Also I ve heard for each SMS/phone calls to these special numbers, BSNL pays a portion of amount to these folks. Hmm.. should say its a good commercial idea.

The only good thing, I have found in this is the Taj Mahal Anthem coposed by A.R.Rehman. The music is good and the same is the picutrisation. Today happened to see the full video of the song in Google Videos.

Watch and have fun.. Wah... Taj Mahal...


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