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Monday, September 03, 2007

Next Target...

I do have some silly reasons to celebrate. Thanks to the Airtel Hello Tunes code and few search engines, my blog is getting some better traffic than before. Shown below is the visitors graph for the last 12 months for my blog

(graph from: www.sitemeter.com)

For August 2007, it is almost close to 800!!! (I know a party is too much for this. but I m enjoying this)

So whats the next target??? No big target... I want this to be 1000+ for the next month.

I m not a regular blogger. I know my posts are just another crap in the internet space. These days, I have started posting the AirTel Hello Tunes code in my other blog - http://mophozone.blogspot.com , hence I cannot expect that same traffic to continue.

I dont know how am I going to reach that target, but I m confident it is reachable.

The only simple thing I need (want) to do is -
a) Post some interesting stuffs at regular intervals
b) Get noticed by the search engines.
c) Fill the blank "To be Constructed" tabs in this blog.

Hope to post another similar crap at the end of this month [:)]

Vetty Officer...


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