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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What it izzzz.....

Its 2.30 AM!!! ...and just now, we finished fighting with some strange bug in our product, which was causing some critical problems at the customers place.

For sure, solving that problem was a great learning, but working at such late hours??? Is this really enjoyable???

The fact is, it depends on the state of one's mind.

When really Happy, solving such challenging problems will be enjoyed and celebrated, but if too much worries, then nothing can be as torturing as working under pressure.

Whatever it iz... thats the part of this chuweet life!!!!



Anonymous Hari said...

Well said prathees,Well it doesn't matter whats the time?, if you really enjoying and learning while doing that.(i think so )

3:07 AM  
Blogger N.Shankar said...

yes prathees.. the feeling of doing a night out varies depending upon the outcome.. .if something has turned out successful, that too at a crucial time of the project.. then it will be very exciting.. otherwise,it will be too frustrating when all the efforts go in vain.. anyways, night outs in adventnet are very enjoyable....

9:28 PM  

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