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Thursday, October 18, 2007

sorry.... Jodi No.1 Again!!!

In recent times, most visits to my blogs are through the search - Uma and Prithvi back in Jodi No.1. Well for all those friends, here is a brief update of what had happened in the Remix round.

Yes. Uma and Prithvi did dance in the Remix round. Snaps of this jodi performing in the Remix round were also published in that week's Kungumam magazine. Anyways, later this team was asked to go away from the competition (Simbu???), as they were already disqualified. (Tooo much!!!!!)

This was also shown as text message after that episode program (Many would have missed as this was put after the advertisement break at the end)

And I know the next search would be for "Will Uma and Prithvi be back in the Wild Card Round???"

Keep guessing....

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