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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yet another reason for the stock exchange crash!!!

It sometimes really funny to see how crazy few people are.

Few people have related the recent Share Market crash with the opening of Gate 2 for taking the Bronze Bull into the premises. It seems that every time this gate was opened in the past, there was a severe crash in the market.

When the Door was first opened in 1992, the popular Harshad Metha scan followed.

Then later when the door was opened for Bill Clinton in 2001, another major crash followed then.

and now in 2008 when the same door was opened to install the Bronze Bull (Similar to the one at Walls Street, USA) the market crashed again.

More Interestingly, few add that the direction of this Bull Statue is the cause for the crash. May be they want to earn more with the vaasthu [:)]

They believe that, the new Bull Statue is installed, as if the Bull moving out of the Stock Exchange Building, Instead it needs to be installed in the opposite direction, like it should appear like getting charged and running into the building..

Be cautious buddies, the charged bull might hit you with that much force [:)]

crazy beliefs.... crazy people....!!!!!


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TCS cuts staff salaries...!!!!!

One of the leading Indian Software Company Tata Consulting Services (TCS) has announce some small salary cut for its employees based upon its moderate performance in the last quarter.

... is the time nearing in 2008 [:-(]

few quotes:

"A top company official confirmed the move while stock market analysts said TCS is sending signals that revenue growth has not met internal targets and employees can’t expect a big wage increase this year. "

"The cut is small and is unlikely to attract a howl of protests, but employees will get the message that all is not well with the sector. Instead of giving them a shock at the time of annual salary review, the management has sought to lower their expectations of wage inflation through this small cut"

"After years of heady growth, India’s outsourcing industry is facing the prospect of a slowdown due to US economic worries triggered by the sub prime mortgage crisis. Major clients may cut back their spending on technology and postpone up gradation. "

"A recruitment expert said a move by any of the top three software companies to temper variable pay would be quickly followed by smaller companies."

Detail Article HERE


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

FedEx - Express Delivery!!!

Some interesting print ads for the FedEx.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Canara Bank Ad - Really Cute!!!!

Currently the Canera Bank is doing a makeover of its Brand and they are doing this through one exciting ad campaign.
The TV ad would go like this:

One young lady will be learning the basics of the Cricket game....

then she will be buying the Indian Team's Blue T-shirt (I guess she asks for a Pink T-shirt [:)] )....

then comes the cute climax, her husband will be watching a cricket match in the TV and will be very disappointed when the batsman gets out.

Now this young lady casually says "He should have hit a Square Slice"

Now the husband looks at her, with surprise, and she gestures that Square Slice shot [:)]

With a smile he corrects her saying its "Square Cut"

Very Cute!!!!!

At the end, the tag says "We all change for the ones we Love!!!"

Such a wonderful ad. I m really admiring this, even when typing about that. The team needs to be appreciated for their efforts. Nice theme and a lovely life in just 1 minute time. Hope there are more ads to follow...


Canera Bank, Advertisements, Marketing, Canera Bank New Ad, Cute Couples

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Stock Market Crash!!!!

Sensex crashed down by 1500+ points....

Market paused for 1 hour...

Few blame the US economy for this fall...

Few advise - Not to panic and stay intact...

Few say its just a market correction...

...and thank God that no one seem to realize that I have activated my DMAT online Trading account... [:)]

I was expecting a fall but not such a big one.

Vetty Officer Trading Tips:
If you are ready for a small friendly agreement with me, then Invest more in the market now.Later when you are done, and if you promise to pay me 10% of your income then I shall deactivate my DMAT trading account [:)]


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Monday, January 14, 2008

Share Market For the Beginners from a Beginner....

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had applied for a new DMAT account. Though the bank covers reached me before 2 weeks, till the last Friday evening I didn't even bother to open the cover and see whats inside them.

Inside the cover there were some letters, a cheque book like something, and few more advertisement pamphlets.

I logged into the Bank's website and activated the account, but other than this I was able to do nothing in that portal.

No the problem wasn't with the Web site's usability.

It was mine.

I didn't know anything about the portal and to be honest very close to zero knowledge about the share market. I had created the account just because my friends were doing that.

Another friend taught me on how to order stocks and other things that can be done with that portal.

So finally My DMAT Account is ready now. All that I need to do now is keep my bank balance tickling. [:)]

As a beginner, it is I feel it very interesting to learn the basics of the share market. As I keep learning, I prefer to share them others similar to me.

Hence planning to post a series in coming days- "Share Market for the Beginners from a Beginner..."


As I m only a beginner, my understanding about the share market might also be as confusing as me. Just 3 words for all: All the best!!! [:-)]


Stock Market Tips, Share Market for Beginners, Basics of Share Market, DMAT Account, Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange, Share Market fundamentals, Investment tips, Personal Finance Management

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rajinikanth's Sultan The Warrior - Movie Trailer

Just when his movie Shivaji, The Boss had celebrated its 175th day and he is about to start doing a movie for his mentor's production house, before doing the mega project Robot, with Director Shankar, Super Star Rajinikanth's daughter had released the trailer for the animation movie - Sultan, the Warrior. Here is the trailer from Google Videos:

This animation movie is directed by Ms.Soundaya Rajinikanth. Music for this animation is done by AR Rehman. More details about the movie is available at its official site: http://www.sultanthefilm.com .The movie is scheduled for release by the end of this year - just another celebration time for the Super Star Fans

Super Star Rajinikanth, Sultan the Warrior Trailer, Director Shankar, Robot, Rajinikanth's Next Movie

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano - Rs. 1 Lakh Car....

Finally the Tata have launched their Rs. 1 Lakh car. No doubt this is gonna revolutionaize the indian car market. Unlike the consumer electronics, in automobile industry, every year the manufacturing cost always keep increasing. In such a scenario, manufacturing a car within Rs. 1 Lakh is a real great achievement. Kudos to the engineering team

Well the achievement doesn't stop here. No one would like to use a crap just because it is cheap.
So thats gonna be the toughest challenge for the TATA. They need to ensure safety, value for money and everything that an average Indian expects.
Only if this is delivered this Tata product would fulfill the car dream of an ordinary middle class Indian.

Then definitely this car would be an History. Hope the Tata will do that too....

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Rajinikanth is Robot!!!

If the news that was published in one of the tamil evening magazines is true, then Our Superstar Rajinikanth will be acting in the Shankar's movie Robot.

It seems the production houses Ayngaran International and Eros Multimedia have officially announced this news.

Robot is a dream project for Director Shankar, who had earlier created the story for Kamal Haasan. Due to some unknown reasons, Kamal stepped out. Then the Sharukh Khan came in, then it was Ajith Kumar.. and finally it seems Super Star Rajinikanth will be doing this film.

The film would be made in around Rs. 150 M!!!!
Vetty Officer's tip : For tax excemption expand the title in tamil as "Romba Polladhavan" [:)]

Well there is also another news that before this project, Rajinikanth will doing another movie for K.Balachandar's Kavidhalayas. The movie might be directed by Vasu or Ravikumar.

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