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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yet another reason for the stock exchange crash!!!

It sometimes really funny to see how crazy few people are.

Few people have related the recent Share Market crash with the opening of Gate 2 for taking the Bronze Bull into the premises. It seems that every time this gate was opened in the past, there was a severe crash in the market.

When the Door was first opened in 1992, the popular Harshad Metha scan followed.

Then later when the door was opened for Bill Clinton in 2001, another major crash followed then.

and now in 2008 when the same door was opened to install the Bronze Bull (Similar to the one at Walls Street, USA) the market crashed again.

More Interestingly, few add that the direction of this Bull Statue is the cause for the crash. May be they want to earn more with the vaasthu [:)]

They believe that, the new Bull Statue is installed, as if the Bull moving out of the Stock Exchange Building, Instead it needs to be installed in the opposite direction, like it should appear like getting charged and running into the building..

Be cautious buddies, the charged bull might hit you with that much force [:)]

crazy beliefs.... crazy people....!!!!!


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Blogger Venkat said...

It's better known as Charging Bull!

6:10 PM  

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