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Monday, January 14, 2008

Share Market For the Beginners from a Beginner....

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I had applied for a new DMAT account. Though the bank covers reached me before 2 weeks, till the last Friday evening I didn't even bother to open the cover and see whats inside them.

Inside the cover there were some letters, a cheque book like something, and few more advertisement pamphlets.

I logged into the Bank's website and activated the account, but other than this I was able to do nothing in that portal.

No the problem wasn't with the Web site's usability.

It was mine.

I didn't know anything about the portal and to be honest very close to zero knowledge about the share market. I had created the account just because my friends were doing that.

Another friend taught me on how to order stocks and other things that can be done with that portal.

So finally My DMAT Account is ready now. All that I need to do now is keep my bank balance tickling. [:)]

As a beginner, it is I feel it very interesting to learn the basics of the share market. As I keep learning, I prefer to share them others similar to me.

Hence planning to post a series in coming days- "Share Market for the Beginners from a Beginner..."


As I m only a beginner, my understanding about the share market might also be as confusing as me. Just 3 words for all: All the best!!! [:-)]


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Blogger Venkat said...

You have to talk to Tom a.k.a Sivashankar right away!

By the way, the Google Ad placements are bit annoying. I am not against Ads but at least try to place it in a way that it doesn't annoy readers.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

Venkat :

Yes boss.. need to contact Tom whose gonna be my personal financial adviser!!! [:-)]

Well, which Ad are you referring to. The one in the left corner of the ones at the bottom of the post. Shall change them accordingly.

4:34 AM  

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