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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BabaJob.com - Job site for maids, drivers, cooks, care-takers....

Are you searching for a cook or a maid or a driver in Bangalore....?

Then here is simple online solution for your need: www.babajob.com

Three engineers in Bangalore have created this site for the normal jobs like office helpers, cooks, drivers, maids, care-takers, and many more. This is a real great idea in taking the technology to the people in the lower economical segment.

The Educated middle class people (Employers) will not have much problem in accessing the information, but how will the barely illiterate people searching for jobs, access this site?? They have solved this problem by Social Networking.

If you know someone searching for a job and you help him/her to upload the profile, and also vouch that person, you will be paid Rs.100.00. This idea will help teh BabaJob team to populate their database with more job seekers and at the same time this model can also the help part-time workers/students/charities to make some extra money.

Currently they have limited this only to Bangalore, and very soon they will expand to other cities as well.

On the whole, a great solution for a very common problem. Best wishes to the BabaJob Team!!!!

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Anonymous sam said...

It is really great initiative to think about small profile job also.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Munmi Laskhar said...

I am from Shillong. I moved to bangalore two months back and i was really in need for a maid and a cook. But i felt difficult to find people as i was new to the city.When one of my neighbors told about babajob.com , i registered in the site as an employer and i hired two people with an week. They are providing such an amazing service.If any of you want to hire please visit Babajob.com

12:53 AM  

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