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Friday, November 30, 2007

There is always something to cherish in this chuweet life!!!

Yesterday :

3.30 pm @ Office, Velacherry

I m having some heavy head-ache and lot of cold. Whole Day was miserable. Leaving early from the Office.

10.00 pm @ Home, Tambaram

No improvements at all. Me on the bed.

... and Today,

6.00 am @ Home, Tambaram

No head ache now but no progress with the cold. Anyways, I ll have to go to office today.

8.00 am @ Home, Tambaram

"DUNGGG...." - accidentally hit the gate when taking the bike out to the road.
No big damage - anyways what a nice way to start the day.

8.05 am @ Rajakilpakam

"SHHHRRRUUUKKKK..." Just missed hitting a car that got into the main road from left. Whose fault - mine or his????

Thank God the brakes worked fine at the right time.

8.15 am @ Medavakkam

"Beeep... Beeep... Boinggg... Vroooommm... Vroooommm..."
Lots of vehicles even at such early hours. My Godddd, I feel like my head is breaking.

8.25 am @ Kaiveli

A little school kid asks for lift in my bike. Don't know why, but I didnt want to stop today - was that because I am having the laptop bag or ain't I in the mood to give lift.

I must accept it should be the latter one.

8.30 am @ Velacherry

Again caught in the traffic and got into the little space on the left side of the road.

To my left are two smart men in a Bajaj Pulsar - They should be IT Professionals. The guy sitting at the pillion was massaging the shoulders of the guy sitting in front. Nice Friends :-)

Then to my right (a little ahead of me) is a couple in mid of 30s with their school going daughter sitting on the tank. The little girl is counting the vehicles (or something else) on the road and the parent are gracefully talking to each other.

She beat him softly on his shoulder...
He then softly bangs her head with his helmet...
She then pinches him...

Cute couple :-) :-)

Then in front of my bike is another couple - the lady is having a small boy in her arms. The boy should be around one year old and is comfortably wrapped by his mother's arms.

His little thumb is inside his watering mouth and he is starring at everything (including me) around him. I could see plenty of excitement in his little eyes.

Khoool this boy seems to enjoy the same Beep... Boinggg... and Vroooommms.. Really cho chuweeet :-) :-) :-)

... and in mind - "There is always something to cherish in this chuweet life!!!"



Blogger Venkat said...

What Really cho chuweeet? Vandiya kelappu pa... kaalangaathala vandhu cute couple,shoulder massage,veral chappuradhunukuttu.... unna maadhiri dhaan munaadi oruthaen paraakh paathukutu lorry la adipattu kadakaraan... indha traffic jam'ae avanaaladhaanda dai..... :P

10:27 AM  

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