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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Canara Bank Ad - Really Cute!!!!

Currently the Canera Bank is doing a makeover of its Brand and they are doing this through one exciting ad campaign.
The TV ad would go like this:

One young lady will be learning the basics of the Cricket game....

then she will be buying the Indian Team's Blue T-shirt (I guess she asks for a Pink T-shirt [:)] )....

then comes the cute climax, her husband will be watching a cricket match in the TV and will be very disappointed when the batsman gets out.

Now this young lady casually says "He should have hit a Square Slice"

Now the husband looks at her, with surprise, and she gestures that Square Slice shot [:)]

With a smile he corrects her saying its "Square Cut"

Very Cute!!!!!

At the end, the tag says "We all change for the ones we Love!!!"

Such a wonderful ad. I m really admiring this, even when typing about that. The team needs to be appreciated for their efforts. Nice theme and a lovely life in just 1 minute time. Hope there are more ads to follow...


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Blogger shankar.n said...

I havent seen the ad that you mentioned, but from your words it seems to be a cute ad. nowadays, even the govt. banks try to reach the people thru good ads, which was missing before. To name a few,

* the union bank ad, where a small boy deposits his piggy bank in the bank after taking care of it 24*7

* SBI ads which says that the people have forgotten the bank employees, since they manage to do everything online itself


3:03 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...


Here is the YouTube Link for this ad:


and when I first saw this ad for, I got reminded of your marriage invitation in which Dheepa says that she would cheer when India wins or something like this...

Yes, other bank ads you had mentioned are too good. Do you know why banks do such interesting ads? - Banking is going to be the next biggest market in India

So now you should be knowing what share to buy Next (Some tips for investment)

PS: Who knows the Bank shares might also crash in coming days [:)]

Vetty Officer...

7:13 PM  

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