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Monday, January 21, 2008

Stock Market Crash!!!!

Sensex crashed down by 1500+ points....

Market paused for 1 hour...

Few blame the US economy for this fall...

Few advise - Not to panic and stay intact...

Few say its just a market correction...

...and thank God that no one seem to realize that I have activated my DMAT online Trading account... [:)]

I was expecting a fall but not such a big one.

Vetty Officer Trading Tips:
If you are ready for a small friendly agreement with me, then Invest more in the market now.Later when you are done, and if you promise to pay me 10% of your income then I shall deactivate my DMAT trading account [:)]


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Blogger Venkat said...

Very good news!

11:22 PM  
Blogger shankar.n said...

dei.. great da u r... it just proves that my blog on u doesnt state just the coincident happenings... anyway, u informed.. rather warned people about this before hand itself.. great prediction... kudos to u.. keep up the good work

8:59 PM  

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