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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Days are changing....

Days have changed a lot these days!

No Bujjis... No Sojjis... instead cake and vegetable puffs!!!

Btw... please don't make me feel shy with your
"what?" s and "when?"s and "congrats"

More update soon [:)]


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MS Dhoni and a Management mantra..

Sometimes back, I remember reading some article "Dhonifying your career" - written for the freshers entering into their first profession. The article was how one should make maximum use of even the little opportunity provided, with powerful positive attitude.

Similarly, after yesterday's cricket match finals, MS Dhoni had to say about another interesting management mantra. When asked about his decision to use the new bowler Joginder Singh for the last 20th over, Dhoni said something similar to this below:

"Harbhajan wasn't confident of bowling good overs and the batsmen were comfortably hitting runs in his balls. So, instead, I decided to give the responsibly to a new bowler, who really want to prove his skills in the international cricket "

Though a highly risk decision, well done Dhoni. The decision, holds good for most of the professional career!!! Young and determined youngsters can really bring great changes!

On the other hand, I wasn't really happy about what the Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik had to say after that finals. He said :

"Thanks to all the Muslim nations who wanted us to win..."

A humble request to the Pakistan Captain (in case if he reads this) : in future , Please.. please.. please... don't bring Religion into Cricket.

I don't know why, but his words sounded something odd to me..

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


"Ellamey.com" - If you are from Chennai, then at least once you would have noticed large banners of this site, somewhere in the city.

I just check this site today, and the first thought on my mind about the site is - Cool site!!!

This is a classified site exclusively for the Matrimony related services (currently for Chennai city only). Marriage Halls... to Wedding Contractors... to Catering Services... to Registrars... - You can find wide range of information on anything related to Matrimony. This service should be an added advantage for other Web Matrimony sites.

Such wide range of information and the simple (yet attractive) design are the plus to the site. Moreover the concept is really nice - focusing on a niche market and providing all possible information to it is too good.

Searched for their traffic information at Alexa and Wow.. They rank 2,67,104!!! They have done this just in two months time - thanks to their aggressive marketing.. The number can go high in future, when they expand the service to other cities in the state. (Other internet service companies focusing on Chennai: make a note of this traffic)

Currently, I guess there should have been a lot of manual work for data collection. If they would provide an option for user generated data, with moderation , the available information might extend to other cities as well. Adding other Web 2.0 functionalities, like discussions, ratings, Ajax, etc might provide them some added advantage.

About the business model, like many other startup sites, they don't expose the revenue channels as of now. Currently they have few advertisements published in the site. May be in future they add more revenue channels.

and Personally, I would like to congratulate them for the courage to spend money for the banners across the city. (and also to know how much was spent for that [:-)] )

PS: Heard from a friend, that these people are coming up with a Rental Site for Chennai! Cheers to Internet growth in Chennai!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Live Cricket Score @ Google...

With the start of Twenty-Twenty World Championship, even Google seems to be caught up by the cricet fever. Now you can check the latest cricket score through google search.

Just type "Cricket" or anything similar to this and the score of the latest cricket match, would be displayed at the top.

Happy cricketing....

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What it izzzz.....

Its 2.30 AM!!! ...and just now, we finished fighting with some strange bug in our product, which was causing some critical problems at the customers place.

For sure, solving that problem was a great learning, but working at such late hours??? Is this really enjoyable???

The fact is, it depends on the state of one's mind.

When really Happy, solving such challenging problems will be enjoyed and celebrated, but if too much worries, then nothing can be as torturing as working under pressure.

Whatever it iz... thats the part of this chuweet life!!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kanthaswamy Movie Trailer

Chiyan Vikram is back with a bang - a real big bang.

After Bheema, Vikram is doing his next project - Kandhaswamy - with Susi Ganesan. They have done a movie trailer for 8 minutes to be shown on the Pooja Day (Remember Kamal Hasan did the same for his Dream Project Marudhanayagam)

Vikram, as usual, rocks, Shriya is cute and bubbly and sweet and this and that [:-)] and also dont miss the other girl shown in the second half of the trailer.

Though this trailer flashed some thoughts about Kamal's Dhasavadharam, I should say this is a great work. Good work Team!!!



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank You to all my Teachers....

Today is September 5 - A Very Special Day dedicated to Teachers!!!

[image from : onlineactivist.files.wordpress.com]

I should say I was lucky. I have had some wonderful teachers during my school days. It was only a small school in a very small town in the Nilgiris district. No five digit salary, No additional facilities, No compensatory offs, No 30% hike every year, but still they taught us with a great passion. Most of them treated the students like their own kids.

Today, if most of us have settled well and are getting payed in dollars, its all because of the foundation laid by those great people. They do not expect anything in return . Teachers are real gems!!!

Thank you Teachers!!!!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Next Target...

I do have some silly reasons to celebrate. Thanks to the Airtel Hello Tunes code and few search engines, my blog is getting some better traffic than before. Shown below is the visitors graph for the last 12 months for my blog

(graph from: www.sitemeter.com)

For August 2007, it is almost close to 800!!! (I know a party is too much for this. but I m enjoying this)

So whats the next target??? No big target... I want this to be 1000+ for the next month.

I m not a regular blogger. I know my posts are just another crap in the internet space. These days, I have started posting the AirTel Hello Tunes code in my other blog - http://mophozone.blogspot.com , hence I cannot expect that same traffic to continue.

I dont know how am I going to reach that target, but I m confident it is reachable.

The only simple thing I need (want) to do is -
a) Post some interesting stuffs at regular intervals
b) Get noticed by the search engines.
c) Fill the blank "To be Constructed" tabs in this blog.

Hope to post another similar crap at the end of this month [:)]

Vetty Officer...