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Monday, February 23, 2009

.... the Oscar award goes to A.R.Rahman

Just yesterday when speaking with my friends, I was saying them that the Indian news channels are creating too much of hype about the Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar Nominations - especially for the AR Rahman.

I had a feeling that AR Rahman's compositions in Slumdog Millionire were not really his best. My choice of his best are Bombay (Bambaai), Minsara Kanavu and few other movies. Till the last night, I doubted if he will really get the Oscars for SDM.

but today when I heard that he has won two Oscar Awards - I m really excited!!! I m excited as if I have won those awards.

Jaiii... Hooo...

well now does that mean Slumdog Millionire is the best of ARR??

No, its only that he must have got it long time back

Congradulations to the "Smile Pinky" team which also won the Oscars in the Best Documentary Film category.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

TN-07-AL-4777 @ தநா-07-அல-4777

TN 07 AL 4777 is the remake of the hindi hit movie Taxi No. 9211. Kudos to the Director for presenting a Hindi movie in its best form and suiting the Tamil movie audiences.

If you like racy narration of story, then you will like this movie. The story is very simple and its the presentation of the movie that makes this a special one.

The story is about two persons - whose characteristics and life style are straight opposite each other and the incidents that follow when they meet each other, one day.

Pasupathy and Ajmal have done justice to their roles. Ajmal looks very smart in this movie and perfectly fit that rich man character. Simran comes as Pasupathy's pair and gives a good performance in the climax. All the three have performed damn well in the climax.

Meenakshi, who had earlier acted in Karupanasaamy Kuthagaikarar, comes as Ajmal's pair in this movie. I think after that homely girl character in her previous movie, she didn't get many movies to act, so she tries a glamour role in this movie.

The music in the movie could have been a little better- or may be I was hearing the songs for the first time. I personally feel a small and racy movie like this doesn't need any song.

Overall it was a good movie to watch and worth the ticket money.

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That Crazy thing called MONEY!!!!

Everytime when I have little money in excess, I will never find one single way to spend that usefully.

and on another day when there is some real useful and urgent need for money, that crazy idiot will not be in hand.

well to be really honest, its not the money that is crazy. Its me who is really really crazy when it comes to money management.

Hope I get better in future!!!
Nambikai Thaan epavumae Vazhkai [:-)]

Special Thanks to all my Friends, who were able to help me, even during such month ends.

image from : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mybigtrip/2954904100/

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