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Friday, October 06, 2006

Software Engineering - the pain and the beauty

Here is an interesting lovely game!!!

You have to prepare a mixutre of liquids in the Red Bucket, placed at the center. After sometime, take a little portion of the water from Red bucket and pour it into the yellow bucket. Continue making the mixtures in Red and Yellow.

After sometime take some portion from the Red bucket and pour it into the green one. Then take some and pour into the blue one. Then take a cup of water from blue and pour it into the yellow one. Then one and half cup from the Yellow bucket into the Green one.

Ooops didnt' i say you ll have to pour a cup of water from Green into the Red one. Please do that now!!!

Now take some from the blue and some from yellow - mix them both and pour one half of the mixture into the red bucket and the other into the Green bucket.

Confused huh???? We are too confused. This is what we were doing for the past couple of weeks in our team.

Not only in our team, this is what that is happening in most of the software companies - and we professionally call this game as "Code Re-usability and Module integration" (upto the knowledge of VettyOfficer)

You take a module from an already existing product and work independently on that. Then add a portion of this module to another new product. Meanwhile the same module keeps growing in the original product and finally, one day you ll have to integrate all the changes into the parent product - that tooo without affecting the already existing functionlities and the user satisfaction. How sad these software engineers are... na!!!

A simple mistake can produce mighty complex problems here. Lots of challenges involved in writing every line of code (and equal amount challenge for the user if I had written that ;-) )

Whats more interesting is every such problem has a solution - well we call something as a problem only when there is a solution for that na!!!! After many hours of analysing and debugging for sure, we can solve the probem, and at that time, you ll really be laughing (kicking) at yourself for the very silly mistake that had caused all such complex problems.

This is the real beauty of the profession. Life really rocks as a software professional!!!

Well.. its time now and I need to pull up the socks and continue the game.

All the best Vetty Officer!!!