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Friday, April 25, 2008

few IPL mokais...

# Seeing the first week response from the public, IPL appears to become a hit - earlier I thought who would sit and watch two regional teams playing. I think I was wrong.

# On the whole till today, foreign players have entertained more than our local heroes.

# Not sure what would happen when the Australia, New Zealand and West Indies players leave by the end of April - will surely affect many teams' performance.

# When these players leave , Delhi's daredevil's have a great chance of winning this tournament.

# It was really odd to see the Hyderabad crowd not clapping when Shewag hit a fifty and asked for it, but the Chennai crowd were screaming when Sachin was just shown for few seconds in the TV screen.

# Few of our responsible politicians are more concerned about the cheer girls in the game. Wow!!! what a topic to discuss in the parliament - when there are other useless problems like the Hogenekal issue, high inflation and lot more

# Hyderabad seems to have a good team (except the captain) for this form of the game, but still aren't getting things right on their way

# Sachin Tendulkar??? (10 years back on his birthday thala was rocking!!!)

# Afer the Mumbai Indians - Punjab Kings XI match, Bret Lee and Sreesanth were walking together back to the pavilion, then Prity Zinta hugs and congratulates Bret Lee for his wonderful performance in the match, few minutes later Sreesanth was in tears, Prity says something to Sankakara who then run to Sreesanth and whispers something in his hears.

and this morning, the TV news channels say - "Bajji slaps Sreesanth.... Yuvraj not happy.... blah.. blah.. blah"

Hey whats happening?? Game or a crappy Reality Show??

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Blogger Prashanth said...

IPL is kindda nice to see. I think it shd develop some gud relation with other team players (straining relations between our own players???). Its gud to see Symonds and Laxman sharing the same dressing room for instance!

2:00 PM  
Blogger umakumar said...

masala padaththai vida mosam.

cricket is spoken about for evry other reason than the game itself

wish we get back to 80's cricket
less tamasha more cricket

11:51 PM  
Blogger Deena K said...

One match became APL instead of IPL.. :-)
last ball bowled by Symonds, batted by Hayden and kept by Gilchrist.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

@ Prash:
very true.. at the end of the show all foreign players will be our friends/heroes. Don't know how the relation between our Heroes would be!!!

@ Umakumar:
Welcome to the blog! at times interesting have such funny incidents in the game.

@ Deena:
To be frank, Australians have dominated in most of the games till now - So its already partially an APL [:)]

8:30 AM  

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