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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yesterday there were about 500+ visitors to my blog!!!

Reason is very simple - GMail went out of service, yesterday!!!

Long Long ago, very long ago, I had some problem accessing the GMail and I put a post about that. I didn't write anything informative in that blog - but somehow that post comes in the first page of Google Search, when searched with the Gmail Error Code.

So thats the reason there were so many visitors. Among them one visitor put an interesting comment. He said "my business is down for hours because of you..."

Mee!!! I think he was addressing the GMail team!!! and later when the problem was solved, he put another comment thanking for solving the problem.

Here comes the most interesting part. The ads in my blog, which normally make 100$ in twoooooooooo years time, have made the 10 days revenue(!!!) in one single night [:)]

So from next time onwards, if the GMail goes down, I'll be more happy!!!

GMail Team seemed to have solved the problem. Here is their update on this problem.


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