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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dairy Milk Vs Nestle Munch : Ad War

Fighting with advertisements is not new in the Indian consumer market. First we saw two cola companies making ads against each others, then came two hot beverage products doing this and now its the turn for the chocolates - Dairy Milk vs Nestle Munch. 
First the Dairy Milk came with their campaign - Celebrate Month's 1st day with Dariy Milk.

and for the above advertisement Nestle Munch have come up with this reply punch - One can eat Munch even on 2nd, 3rd and everyday of a month

So What's next? Tomorrow Dairy Milk will surely come up with another reply to this Munch and when this cycles continues, its the real good time for those two ad agencies!!! 

Personally, I like the Nestle Munch ad - Very short and nice one when compared to the lengthy (though not-so-bad) Dairy Milk ad.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Interesting Entrepreneur: Rajeev Kher

Rajeev Kher is a little different from  the other Entrepreneurs from India. After completing his Masters in Business studies, when he wanted to start his own business he didn't choose any of the modern trendy technical ones. Instead he chose the Mobile Toilet Business!!!

After completing his studies, Kher was not able to convince the banks with his idea of Mobile Toilets business. So with the little fund from his father, who was a former army officer, Kher started his compnay - the Sharmik Sanitations Systems (3S) in Pune, with vision to sell, lease and market portable toilet units in India.

After the initial struggles to get customers, today they have installed about 1000 portable toilet cabins across the country. They also provide the utility services to clean the wastes at regular intervals.
In a country where thousands of little kids die of diarrhea and most of the people still defecate in the open, Kher's idea might not solve the problem completely but surely gives some hope of things getting better - especially in events like public exhibitions, pilgrimages, construction sites, etc.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Disclaimer : This post may spoil the real thrill/fun in the movie, if you want to enjoy the movie, kindly skip this post.
Plot summary :
Hero Kandhasamy works in a chicken stall and lives with his friends and family.
The heroine who is a VJ in some local cable channel, comes to his chicken stall to buy some chicken for cooking. As per the thumb rules of tamil cinema the meeting develops into love.
In the same town there is the villain who runs many educational institutes, and also does all possible illegal business. No one in the town is bold enough to stop the villain.
When everything seems to be like moving smoothly in the hero's life, there comes a big twist when he gets bitten by a big fat cock in his stall. After this he becomes a Chicken-Man (just like the Spiderman) with all possible super-heroism.
With this super-hero power, our hero punishes the bad fellows and bring happyness in the town.

PS :
1. With my little knowledge about the tamil cinema and the promotional pictures of Kandhasamy, I have guessed this plot.
2. With this team - Vikram, Susi Ganesan, Thotta Dharani and Producer Dhaanu - I think this movie will meet its expectation.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Madras Day - August 22, 2009

Here is a small piece of history about our city and the Madras Day.
On August 22, 1639 an important deal was made between the Britishers and the Local Nayak rulers. According to that agreement a small piece of land was given to the English East India Company and that piece of land is where the Fort. St. George stands today.
It all started from that small piece of land. Settlements started growing around the Fort, the small villages around the place were combined, then towns came and thus finally came our Madras City.
In the year 2004, a small group of people, launched a uique idea to celebrate the city's birthday - they chose the day on which the above treaty is believed to be made and called it as the Madras Day. Then onwards the Madras Day is celebrated on the 22nd of August every year.
The Madras Day focus on the city, its history and glories. As a part of the celebrations several rallies, talk events, contests, photo exhibitions, food fests and lot more are being conducted in the city.
This year, to increase the community participation, the Madras Day is beeing extended for a week - calling it the Madras Week. In 2009, the Madras Week will be celebrated from August 16 to 23 and as always plenty of events and contests are to happen across the city for this full week.
I have been in this city for nearly 10 years and Chennai is like a second native to me - ofcourse now it is also the Pugundha Veedu to me :-)
Chennai might not be the best among the Indian cities, Chennai still has many of the worst problems but for sure the city has many things to celebrate about and events like this will surely create an awareness about the City's pride and give a great feeling for the Chennaites.
Happy Madras Week!!!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pokisham - Movie Review

In short - this movie has nothing to treasure.
The songs are good. Padmapriya has acted well in her role. As a director Cheran has done some reasonable work giving importance to even the simplest thing on the screen but still the movie lacks its lifeline - a good story and proper screenplay.
The hero writes a letter to the heroine. Heroine reads that letter. She then write a reply to the hero. This time hero reads the contents of this reply to the audience. Then he writes a reply for that reply letter and this repeates in the while(true) loop :-(
Director Cheran would have wanted to recreate a hit like Autograph, but this movie comes nowhere close to that movie.

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The Hindu gets a new makeover

English newspaper "The Hindu" have changed their website layout. The beta version of this is available @ beta.thehindu.com
They should have done this earlier. Their current design looks very cluttered to me.
Though this new layout is very much similar to the Times of India site, I like the new design for its simplicity and it is less cluttered. Hope they don't spoil this in future by adding in more ads.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My favorite game is the #1 Facebook game!!!

During my college days I was almost an addict towards PC games. Most part of my life then was spent in playing Age of Empires, GTA and Cricket. After college, as I started getting older, I somehow lost my interests towards these games.

In the last two years I don't remember if I had played the minesweeper game in my office computer, even once. I would have denied atl east 100s of Mafia War game invitation in the Facebook. But all these resistance were only till I accepted one invitation for the FarmVille game in the same Facebook.

The concept of Game is really crazy. No Guns.. No Shooting.. No brain-breaking strategies.. Nothing fancy but still the game is interesting (at least to me). One will have to cultivate and harvest in the small piece of land and in that process also help the friends like gifting animals to them, cutting weeds and chasing crows in their farm.

and according to this report, this Game FarmVille is the #1 Facebook game for August. Interestingly another cultivation related game Farm Town is also in the top 5 list.

Good to see many people liking agriculture... We are all Modern Vivasayees (farmers) in this Internet era :-)

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