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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My favorite game is the #1 Facebook game!!!

During my college days I was almost an addict towards PC games. Most part of my life then was spent in playing Age of Empires, GTA and Cricket. After college, as I started getting older, I somehow lost my interests towards these games.

In the last two years I don't remember if I had played the minesweeper game in my office computer, even once. I would have denied atl east 100s of Mafia War game invitation in the Facebook. But all these resistance were only till I accepted one invitation for the FarmVille game in the same Facebook.

The concept of Game is really crazy. No Guns.. No Shooting.. No brain-breaking strategies.. Nothing fancy but still the game is interesting (at least to me). One will have to cultivate and harvest in the small piece of land and in that process also help the friends like gifting animals to them, cutting weeds and chasing crows in their farm.

and according to this report, this Game FarmVille is the #1 Facebook game for August. Interestingly another cultivation related game Farm Town is also in the top 5 list.

Good to see many people liking agriculture... We are all Modern Vivasayees (farmers) in this Internet era :-)

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Blogger D'pak M said...

me too started liking it... a bit crazy too!!!!

5:03 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

@ D'pak:
Vivasayeeee... vivasaayee.. :-)

10:21 PM  

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