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Friday, July 24, 2009

Newsmakers for the week....

Few people who made some interesting news for this week...

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab
This lonely attacker to be captured alive by police in the Mumbai 16/11 attack, was back in news after sometimes.
Everyone of us had seen footages of this guy mercilessly shooting the innocent people in the CST. Our Government claimed to have produced some powerful evidence to our Neighbouring country, about his nationality, but again for this trial, more than 200 witnesses are to be examined by the prosecution.
Hmm still.. the trial will continue till we get more powerful evidences to prove that Kasab is a Pakitan-born Terrorist.

Erin Andrews
In short, this story is the Foreign version of a tamil actress video tape that made news in the internet few years back. Somehow a video clipping of this popular ESPN Sports reporter came into the internet, and subsequently she became one of the mostly searched celebrity in the net - Men are same everywhere :-)
Another interesting part of this story is - few hackers used this incident to spread harmful videos that had virus to infect the user's computers.

Dr. A P J ABDUL Kalam
I don't think Abdul Kalam himself would have worried so much about the frisking incident. Our politicians argued for atleast more than two days about this incident in our parliament. The story comes to an end with four officers being booked and then the Airlines apologising fo this incident.
A simple change in Kalam could have avoided this incident.
Today, even an Ex-Circle or Ex-Sub-Circle move around with atleast 4 gundas and 10 supporters. Our former president should have also gone with similar crowd, so that the airlines officers would have known he is a celebrity in India.

Dr. M Karunanidhi
I didn't know our CM is the only Chief Minister in our country, who don't live in a luxurious bunglow - until he said that himself in a function yesterday. Anyways nothing wrong to say that when no one else have recognized it.
To add more suprises our CM have donated this little house that worths about Rs. 8 crore to the general public after his death. It will be converted into an Hospital for the poor.
Only time can tell the real meaning of whom he mentioned as poor.

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Blogger Arul said...

IS there any indention that you mentioned as 16/11? (Instead of 26/11)?

2:07 AM  
Blogger shankar.n said...

nice to see you back in action.. after a small hiatus... unga kitta irundhu niraya edhirparkarom

12:19 AM  
Blogger Vetty Officer said...

Just a typing error da. neenga yaen sir ipadi buildup kodukaringa :-)

more mokkais coming soon. :-)

4:03 AM  

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