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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chennai traffic and Pollution

Every time when I drive in Chennai, I see at least one out of ten vehicles emitting too much of smoke. Most of these vehicles just look like the popular Kosu Marundhu Vandi (Mosquito Fog Truck)

We all talk about the health problems because of smoking in public places but no one seems to be bothered about the equally dangerous hazards with this vehicle smoke.

Its really sad to see even the vehicles that are used for commercial purpose (autos, sumos, taxis), in such bad conditions. Their owners should be kicked off. They earn all their bread and butter from these vehicles, but still they don't bother anything about the vehicle (and the environment).

This is yet another problem, where the public should realize their responsibilities.

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Blogger mcaravind said...

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9:30 AM  
Blogger mcaravind said...

yes Machi. that is precisely why I am advocating Ramadoss to stop bashing smokers :) Vehicles are the culprits

9:46 AM  

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