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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Vodafone ads - ZooZoos

For the first time, when I saw one of these Vodafone Ads (all family members screams on seeing the mother trying some beauty tips) I was so irritated. I thought last year, during the IPL, Vodafone had good ads - i,e the small dog pug running behind a small girl.

but the next few ads featuring these white funny egg-like-head shaped cartoon characters, were really attractive. These characters are named "ZooZoos" - good name indeed.

These ZooZoos characters and the ads are created by O&M Ad agency for Vodafone, to create some awareness about some of the value-added services offered by the phone company. According to the ad company, they have planned to launch one ad everyday during the IPL season 2.

The most interesting part in this ad is that these ZooZoos characters are not animated characters!!! They are real human beings (mostly thin women) dressed up in white dress stuffed with foam.

once again, Vodafone have made some catchy advertisements!

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