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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dairy Milk Vs Nestle Munch : Ad War

Fighting with advertisements is not new in the Indian consumer market. First we saw two cola companies making ads against each others, then came two hot beverage products doing this and now its the turn for the chocolates - Dairy Milk vs Nestle Munch. 
First the Dairy Milk came with their campaign - Celebrate Month's 1st day with Dariy Milk.

and for the above advertisement Nestle Munch have come up with this reply punch - One can eat Munch even on 2nd, 3rd and everyday of a month

So What's next? Tomorrow Dairy Milk will surely come up with another reply to this Munch and when this cycles continues, its the real good time for those two ad agencies!!! 

Personally, I like the Nestle Munch ad - Very short and nice one when compared to the lengthy (though not-so-bad) Dairy Milk ad.

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