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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Naga Naresh Karuturi

At times even Rediff does post some good articles. Here is one such article about an inspiring student of IIT - Madras.

Whats more interesting is his attitude towards life. Great!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008


Everything looks wonderful to me in this song!!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

KUSELAN - Movie Trailer

Just a week more to see the Super Star on screen. Here is the Kuselan Movie trailer from Google Video.

No Much Expectations about the movie the movie this time - so hoping the movie will not disappoint me.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

1 Motorcycle, 1 scooty and some amazing science!!!

Something very interesting happened this morning, when I was driving to office. After I crossed the Kamrajpuram bus stop, I noticed one old man driving a scooty, about 5 to 10 meters ahead of me. Only then, this interesting thing happened.

Every time I decided to increase the speed of my bike, just a second before that that old man would have increased accelerated his speed. That didn't stop with that, next time when my bike slowed down a bit, again just a second before that, his scooty also slowed down a little. Believe me or not, this happened not just once or twice, but several times.

Artificial Intelligence?? Chaos theory?? Newton's theory?? Telepathy?? Bike theory?? I really don't know what this interesting pattern is called in Science?

Both of us were thinking in the same way and we were following the same pattern of driving - only difference he did everything just few milliseconds before me. Even after driving for some distance both the vehicles were moving at the same 5 - 10 mts distance between them.

It was really amazing!!!

Oops, forgot to mention about something. In the pillion seat of that scooty, there was a pretty girl - I think she should be the daughter of that old gentleman. Her age should mostly be somewhere between late Teens to early 20s.

The girl was smiling to herself and there was a cute pride attached to that smile. Then when I looked at that old man, he was not smiling - instead his face was filled with some angry expressions.

Aaaah... aaaaah..... once again this world have mistaken a Gentle Man!!!

Strange World!!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

My First Google Adsense Cheque!!!

Here is another good reason for me to celebrate. I have received my first cheque from Google Inc.,

It has taken nearly 2+ years to get this. I didn't spend much time for this program. In the last one year I almost forgot to check the revenue in Google Adsense program. So it was a great surprise when I saw the first Google cheque delivered at my place.

Considerting the no-use-contents of my blog and my laziness towards blogging, 25 months is too short for this sweet US$100.

though the amount isn't that big, I am excited about this money. Thanks to Google!!!

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How to cross Kathipara Junction?

This is how the Kathipara Junction at Chennai might look after the ongoing construction is completed. But until then, people driving from Guindy towards Eekatuthangal will definitely have a great thrill. Here are my tips to drive in that route especially during the peak hours:

After crossing the Le Royal Meridien Hotel, drive a little in the Tambaram route for about 100 mts. There will be sign board written "Vadapalani" and directing towards right side.

Now take a right turn, move a little about 10 mts and then a left turn. Now you will be driving in the Porur route. After getting into this route, you need to be extra cautious because after this turn there are no sign boards to guide the way.

After driving for around 50 mts in that rought, there will be a small cut in the right near the Agarwal Tea Shop (land mark!!!) Take the right turn here. This road might be small in size, but will have as many vehicles as on the Mount Road. You can only move very slowly in that traffic, but as the end of that road comes, acclerate your engine because only then the vehicle could cross the little plump on the road.

Now you are just few meters away from the main road towards Eekatuthangal!!!

Now look up at the completed Tambaram to Eekatuthankgal flyover, get some stomach-fire and make a decision that from next time onwards - instead of taking the cut near that Vadapalani Sign board, drive a little towards Jothi Theatre and then join the Tambaram to Eekatuthankgal Flyover route. Happy Driving!!!

PS: Somehow I get a feeling very soon, this new Flyover @ Kathipara will be named as Kalaignar Flyover!!!

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Simple way to become rich!!!

If you are in Chennai now, here is a very simple way to become richer in overnight!!!

Take a pet bottle as per your convenient (2 lts bottle preferred)
Goto the bike parking area in your office.
Recall the lesson learned in school days - "Drops of water make a might Ocean"
pray to your favourite God and start the operation :)

PS: Be cautious that the person who had bought the petrol, waiting in queue for many hours, doesn't see you, during this operation.

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