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Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank you Airtel...

Thank you Airtel Hello Tunes!!!

Few days back I made two posts on Airtel Hello Tunes - HERE and HERE.

Traffic to my blog which was less than 10 per day has almost doubled since then - thanks to few search engines..

Hence this post to thank them!!

sounds too much uh???
its ok friend... let the little boy enjoy! ;-)

AirTel Hello Tunes, Airtel Tamil Hello Tunes

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

AirTel Hello Tunes is Good but the process isn't...

I have been using the Hello Tunes feature in Airtel, for the past one year. Its very nice idea to let your callers listen to some sweet/interesting music (one of my friends always have very funny songs as his Hello Tune), but the process to select song in AirTel isn't so smooth...

Here is how the AirTel charge for this feature:
Monthly Subscirption : Rs. 30.00
Download Charge/Song : Rs. 15.00
AirTime Charge/min : Rs. 6.00 (Rs.3.00 in North East Assam Circles)

Monthly subscription and the download charges are OK, but that Rs.6/min Call charge for selecting a song is expensive.

To select a song, one will have to call 678 from a AirTel mobile. Selecting a particular song through an IVR from the 20k+ songs they have, would definitely take a considerable amount of time and so is the call charge. I feel AirTel should provide this free of cost [;)]

Now very recently they added two new options to select a song:
  • By sending a sms, SET SMS_SONG_CODE to 678
  • By Direct Dialling, you can skip the IVR and reach the song direcly.

You can find the songs list and the corresponding Code at the AirTel website HERE

Shouldn't this feature have a powerful search option and clear display view????

If I search for Tamil Songs - all language songs are being listed!
Even the most common searches (combinations) list Empty Results!!
Only 5 songs are listed in a view with a very poor page Navigator!!!

I m sorry AirTel, this page is really toooooo bad. (that too in such a Web 2.0 era)
Plz.. Plz.. Plz.. make this portal more efficient!!!

I was searching for the "Athiradiyai" song from the movie Sivaji, but couldn't find it. However in that search process I ended up with another popular old tamil song - "Adi Ennadi" from the movie "Patikada Patanama".

For folks who would like to have that song, here are the codes:

Direct Dialling - 678678051445
SMS Code - PB445


Hello Tune, AirTel, Adi Ennadi, Tamil Hello Tune

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Vote for Taj Mahal..." says AR Rehman

There is a poll is being conducted to select the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Very recently there was also a mail campaign, saying Taj Mahal is lagging far behind in the poll and asked all the Patriotic Indians to cast their votes . One can cast the vote through Internet, SMS/phone calls to special numbers, and few more options. Almost all biggies in the media world played their part to spread the news!!!

I slightly have a feeling that this poll is being done for some commercial purpose. Definitely its a good traffic puller for the web-sites. Also I ve heard for each SMS/phone calls to these special numbers, BSNL pays a portion of amount to these folks. Hmm.. should say its a good commercial idea.

The only good thing, I have found in this is the Taj Mahal Anthem coposed by A.R.Rehman. The music is good and the same is the picutrisation. Today happened to see the full video of the song in Google Videos.

Watch and have fun.. Wah... Taj Mahal...


Taj Mahal, Vote For Taj Mahal, A.R.Rehman, Videos, Music

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

24x5=14!!!! Funny Mathematic Calculation!!!

Here is a very funny Mathematic calculation. Do not miss the great fun at the end.

NOTE: For smooth playing, Click Play once and immediately pause the video, wait till the entire video is buffered and the


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