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Monday, January 18, 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan

I had huge expectations for this Selvaragavan's movie. 1000s and 1000s of people had worked very hard for nearly 2+ years. Songs are already a big hit. Trailer was awesome, but unfortunately the movie doesn't match all these hype that were created. To put it in short - Aayirathil Oruvan fails miserably in the the second half and too much of blood shed all over the film.
The base knot of the movie is really very interesting. Its about the Chozhas who escape to a remote island after they get defeated by the Pandians in a war and live in that remote island for thousands of years, expecting a good message from their homeland - Thanjai (Tanjore).
Everything in the movie was fascinating and entertaining till the three - Karthi, Reema Sen and Andrea reach that remote land. But after that, the movie starts dragging in all possible ways with unnecessary turns and twists.
Its really unfortunate that all the hard work that were put in the second half had gone almost in vain.
Many say Reema Sen and Parthiban were the best in the movie, but my choice was Karthi. This movie is not based on his role and also his role is almost like a comedian, but still he had given his best for the movie. His performance will surely entertain the audience. (He needs to work a little more to avoid the resemblance with Surya in emotional scenes)
I liked Reema Sen's performance in the first half than the latter part and She looked beautiful in those ancient costumes. Andrea doesn't have much to do in the movie, except for cracking the solutions for traps on their way and give a sad expression in the second half. For Parthipan, Yes this is surely one of his best. His expressions were excellent, when he gets happy about all his people returning to their homeland.
The cameraman and the art director seem to have worked more passionately than the director. Their hard work is reflected in each frame. Songs are good - especially the "Thaai thindra mannae" song. "Un melae aasa thaan" is already a big hit. I felt like missing the Yuvan-Selva combo for the background music.
Director Selvaragavan can be appreciated for such a bold attempt and for the different plot but he would have deserved more if they had worked a little more in screenplay for the second half.. Its also another sad sign that his movies are becoming more and more unsuitable for kids and soft hearted people.

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