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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thattukada @ the Spencer Plaza, Chennai

Yesterday, my wife and I were at the Mount Road (near the Spencer Plaza) for some personal works. When our work was over, it was almost time for lunch. Since I didn't know about any good restaurants in that locality, I decided to have our lunch at food court in the Spencer Plaza.

Being a working day, I thought the food court would be less crowded. I was wrong. Even on a Tuesday after-noon, the place was so crowded as if it was a weekend day. After going around and around, we managed to find two seats at the "Thattukada" - that offered kerale food.

Though they operate in a very small space, somehow "Thattukada" appeared to be more spacious than other stalls in the food court - might be because they had well-organized the furnitures or the shop was less crowded than others

Their menu - though wasn't a big list - did have some good combination of Mallu food in it. First I wanted to try the Pittu with kadalai curry, but since it was lunch time we ordered Rice with fish curry and Poricha Kozhi with Chapatis.

I normally don't like the kerala rice, but with that fish curry (made of coconut milk) it tasted good. Vegetable kootu that was offered with the rice was also tasty.

Then coming to the Poricha kozhi with Chapatis , for the first one or two bites it was nice - very spicy and hot. But after that, I started feeling the coconut oil taste/smell and after that finishing that dish seemed like big challenge. The Chapati was also not so soft. Then we ordered for a parota - which was hot, soft and tasty.

In short, Thattukada was not so bad, but could have been a little better.

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